Arm Options – 1602 Parking Gate

The Doorking 1602 offers a range of arm options, such as the Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm and DKS Pedestrian Protection System, that provide safety and visibility. Additionally, there are choices of wishbone wood, aluminum, and round aluminum arms, with lengths ranging from 20 to 27ft.

Arm Options – 1602 Parking Gate



Wood Wishbone Arm — Rectangular
Aluminum Wishbone Arm

Arm Kits are available for the Aluminum Octagonal and Aluminum Round.




Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm

Light The Way For Customers To Exit Easily And Safely With Signals And Sensors.
The DKS Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm is the newest option to DoorKing’s popular 1601 Barrier Gate Operator. While lowered the aluminum arm is lit with red LEDs sending a clear signal for drivers to stop. When raised the LEDs transition to green – easily alerting drivers when to pull forward.

• Night Visibility at Long Distances
• Reverse Edge Sensor
• Two Sizes for Easy Shipping
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DKS Pedestrian Protection System

Barrier Gate Safety

In today’s busy world, people often forget to pay attention to their surroundings and can inadvertently place themselves in harm’s way. DKS Barrier Gate Operators offer a Pedestrian Detection & Protection System that knows when to allow the Barrier Arm to come down – or not. Protect the integrity of the parking facility and prevent those inadvertent accidents from happening. After all, you have better things to do than deal with liability problems.

• It’s Aware, Even When They’re Not

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Technical Specifications


Aluminum Arms – Standard Wishbone Cofiguration

20 Ft. Round Arm Kit P/N 1602-162
24 Ft. Round Arm Kit P/N 1602-164
27 Ft. Round Arm Kit P/N 1602-166

20 Ft. Octagonal Arm Kit P/N 1602-282
24 Ft. Octagonal Arm Kit P/N 1602-284
27 Ft. Octagonal Arm Kit P/N 1602-287

20 Ft. Lighted Octagonal Arm Kit P/N 1602-292
24 Ft. Lighted Octagonal Arm Kit P/N 1602-294
27 Ft. Lighted Octagonal Arm Kit P/N 1602-297
(All hardware included in aluminum kits)


Rectangular – Wood Arm

3-Piece 20 Ft. Wood Arm  P/N 1602-340
Hardware Kit w/Weights (required) P/N 1602-041 

17 Ft Octagon Reversing/LED Edge Arm

ONLY used on the 1602-090 or 1602-091 Barrier Models
14 Ft 1-Piece Octagon Arm Only P/N 1601-555
3 Ft Octagon Arm Extension Kit P/N 1602-303

Octagon Arm Hardware Kit (Required) P/N 1601-235

15 FT Reverse Edge + Red/Green LED (Optional) P/N 8080-315





Feature Availability Chart
Arm Options
Model Arm Type Maximum Length Fold Option Breakaway Option Lighted Option
1602 Aluminum 20 Ft. 6.09 m No No Octagonal Only
24 Ft. 7.31 m No No Octagonal Only
27 Ft. 8.23 m N No No Octagonal Only
Wood 20 Ft. 6.09 m No No No
1601-805 Aluminum 17 Ft. 5.1816 m No No Octagonal Only

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1600 Installation - Owner's Manual
1601/1602 Manual de Español
1601 / 1602 / 1603 - 1473-065 Instructions for Convenience Open Option
1601/1602 Manual
3-Piece Round Aluminum Arm Kits
3-Piece Octagonal Aluminum Arm Kits
1602-090 IPB Barrier Arm
1602-164 IPB Arm Wishbone Round 24 Ft.
1602-166 IPB Arm Wishbone Round 27 Ft.
1602-282 IPB Arm Wishbone Octagonal 20 Ft.
1602-284 IPB Arm Wishbone Octagonal 24 Ft.
1602-287 IPB Arm Wishbone Octagonal 27 Ft.
1602-292 IPB Arm Wishbone Octagonal Lighted 20 Ft.
1602-294 IPB Arm Wishbone Octagonal Lighted 24 Ft.
1602-297 IPB Arm Wishbone Octagonal Lighted 27 Ft.
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