6550 Commercial and Industrial

The 6500 Series Operators are designed to operate Vehicular Swing Gates in residential, commercial and industrial applications for both single and bi-parting gates. The Operator swings gates 90 degrees in approximately 12-14 seconds.

The unique design of this Operator allows for easy access to the electronics and mechanical areas of the Operator without ever having to remove the gate arm. The electronic magnetic limits will never wear out or break and they are easily adjusted. The solid steel frame and belt-driven gear box make this operator one of the quietest on the market today.

6550 Commercial and Industrial

Easy Access Design – Low Maintenance & Quiet Operation

The 6550 operator is designed to operate very large vehicular swing gates in commercial and industrial applications. Secondary operators are used in bi‐parting (dual) gate applications, and cannot be used as a stand‐alone device.


Compatible with
Swing Gates
Mounts on
Concrete Pad
2-Piece Split Housing
for Easy Internal Access



Apartment Complexes & College Residence Halls
Commercial & Industrial
Gated Communities
Mixed Use Buildings
Parking Facilities
Self Storage
Small Multi-Family Residential

Product Features




Split Case

Two-piece split steel housing allows easy installation and maintenance.





One of the Quietest

The solid steel frame and belt-driven gearbox make this Operator one of the quietest on the market today.


Steel Frame

Provides strength and durability even in harsh weather environments.

Loop Detectors

Easy plug-in ports for DKS Loop Detectors.

Breakaway Hub

Unique breakaway hub design prevents gear box damage if the gate is struck.

Easy-to-Adjust Electronic Magnetic Limits

Eliminates old-style mechanical switches that can wear out, break, or fail.


Technical Specifications

  • Maximum gate width 25-ft.
  • Maximum gate weight 2000 pounds*.   (*Assumes gate swings level and is in good condition with properly adjusted hardware.   Other external factors may affect the performance of the gate operator.)
  • 115 VAC.   High Voltage Kit allows the operator to be powered from 208, 230, 460 or 575 source voltage. In dual gate applications, only one (1) kit is required (secondary operator DOES NOT require a high voltage kit).
  • Class I, II, III and IV applications.
  • Compliant with UL 325 and 991. ETL Listed.   (Note: To be compliant with UL 325 and industry safety guidelines, additional Type B1 and/or Type B2 entrapment protection devices are required to be installed with this gate operator.   Your professional DKS system installer can provide you with more details on these devices and on current industry safety standards.)
  • Adjustable electronic magnetic limits
  • Auto-close timer (1-23 seconds)
  • Gate overlap feature for bi-parting (dual) gate operation
  • Simple connection for secondary operator in bi-parting gate systems
  • Built-in On / Off switch
  • Built-in alarm reset switch
  • Selectable shadow / reverse loop function
  • Magnetic lock power
  • Ports for plug-in open and reverse loop detectors.
  • DKS plug-in detectors only
  • Three 115 VAC convenience outlets for accessory transformers
Grate TrackerTM

Reporting output provides operator data to a DKS 1833, 1835, 1837 or 1838 access control system (requires 2358 expansion board).


  • Adjustable, no maintenance magnetic limits.
  • Overlap feature for bi-parting swing gate operation.
  • Simple connection for secondary operator in bi-parting applications.
  • Selectable shadow/reverse loop function.
  • Magnetic lock power provided.
  • Ports for plug-in loop detectors.
  • Programming switches.
  • Secondary unit includes 50 Ft cable.
  • Primary reduction is provided by a pulley / belt driving a 60:1 worm gear reduction system running in a continuous oil bath
  • The 6550 rotates the gate 90° in approximately 12-14 seconds
  • Operator mechanics are mounted on a steel frame plated for corrosion resistance
  • Two-piece articulating arm mechanical slow-start / slow-stop function.
  • Mounting: operator requires a concrete mounting pad
  • Keyed access is provided to release arm for manual gate operation in the event of a power outage
  • Split polypropylene housing simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Unique breakaway hub helps to protect the gear box if the gate is rammed
  • Secondary operators used in bi-parting (dual) gate applications cannot be used as a stand-alone device
  • Environmental: 10°F to 115°F (-12°C to 46°C)
  • Thermostatically controlled heater kit recommended for colder environments
  • Operator requires monitored Type B1 and/or Type B2 entrapment protection devices.
  • Primary / secondary connection cable (secondary operator is shipped with 50-feet of cable).
  • Plug-in loop detectors.
  • Heater kit for cold environments.
  • Surge suppressors.



Dimensions and Weight



20.5″W x 38.5″H x 30″D
(52cm W x 97.8cm H x 76.2cm D)


Shipping weight approximately:
175-225 Lbs (79.1-101.8 kg)
depending on model and options selected


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