ProxPlus™ Secure Card Readers

DoorKing ProxPlus™ Secure Card Readers are available for those applications that require a higher level of security than standard Proximity Card Readers and cards can offer.

ProxPlus™ Secure Card Readers

Extremely High Security and
Compatibility in One Card

DoorKing ProxPlus™ Secure Card Readers are available for those applications that require a higher level of security than standard proximity card readers, and cards offer. ProxPlus Secure cards are programmed with a unique identifier, making them extremely secure and difficult to duplicate. And, since the DoorKing card reader outputs the card code in a 26-bit Wiegand format, they are compatible with almost any access control system on the market. Higher security IS within your reach – now with DoorKing ProxPlus Secure.


High Security Card Reader at
an Affordable Price Point
Unique Encrypted Cards
Reduce Duplication
Compatible with Almost
Any Access Control System



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Product Features


DKS Doorking - ProxPlus Secure - Two Levels of Security



Two Levels of Security

ProxPlus Secure Cards and Card Readers include an encrypted unique identifier making the Cards almost impossible to duplicate.


 DKS Doorking - ProxPlus Secure - Applications 


ProxPlus Secure Applications

For applications that require a higher level of security, providing a variety of security levels and clearances for vulnerable locations such as ports, schools, laboratories, utility facilities, airports, and more.


A Variety of Options Available

  • Factory Coded Cards & Key Tags
  • Custom Programmed Cards & Key Tags
  • MicroPlus Transmitters ( 1 – 4 button)w/ProxPlus Secure Tag
  • RS-485 Output or Relay Output Stand-Alone
  • Readers
Simple Card Identification without Sacrificing Security

1815-690 Compatible with Mifare Classic 4 or 7 byte cards. This card scanner will not read ProxPlus Secure cards. 1815-692 Compatible with DK ProxPlus Secure cards only, the DKS ProxPlus Secure Card Scanner enables administrators to view the card number of otherwise unlabeled cards, keeping security intact.

M Series Readers

Use these Readers only to match to existing Mifare* Classic 4 or 7-byte UID cards that are already in use. The optional 1815-690 Card Scanner is required to identify the card code so that it can be entered into the Access Controller.

RS-485 Output or Relay Output Stand Alone

Optional ProxPlus Secure and ProxPlus Mifare Controller.

Reader Options

1504-125 26-bit Wiegand Output w/intercom substation, 1520-086 Relay Output (Stand Alone) ProxPlus Secure on a Surface Mount Enclosure and 1504-125 RS-485 Output (Access Plus Only).

Versatile Access with Reliable Encryption

ProxPlus Secure card readers will read only ProxPlus Secure cards.  Other forms of Mifare cards are not compatible with the ProxPlus Secure reader, making this system one of the most secured offered.

Functional Design

Card Readers come in two sizes to accommodate sizeable high-traffic access points and even small or awkward locations where wall space is at a premium.

Technical Specifications

Device Codes DKS access

Up to 1,000 Device Codes

Up to 1ich Read Range DKS

Up to 1″ Read Range

Compatible ProxPlus Secure Cards DKS

Compatible with ProxPlus Secure Cards

Operates with 1830 and Other Systems DKS

Operates with 1830 Series & Other Control Systems

Wiegand RS45 Compatible DKS access

26-bit Wiegand Output


DK ProxPlus Secure Card Readers

  • 1815-684: mullion mount.
  • 1815-685: single-gang electrical box mount.
  • 1815-336: 1815-684 with surface mount enclosure.
  • 1815-338: same as 1815-336 but also includes 2358-010 Tracker expansion board.
  • 1815-337: same as 1815-336, but output is RS485 format.
  • 1520-086: same as 1815-336, but output is dry contact relay.
  • These readers will read ONLY ProxPlus Secure cards.

DK M Series Card Readers

  • 1815-680: mullion mount.
  • 1815-681: single-gang electrical box mount.
  • 1520-087: same as 1815-680, but output is a dry contact relay.
  • Use these readers to match existing Mifare Classic 4 or 7 byte cards that are already in use.  These readers WILL NOT read ProxPlus Secure cards.

ProxPlus Secure Card Scanner

  • 1815-692 Reads ProxPlus Secure Cards
  • Use this card scanner when the card code is not printed on the card or the code has worn off the card. This scanner will read ProxPlus Secure cards only.

Mifare Card Scanner

  • 1815-690 Reads Mifare Cards
  • Because of the nature of how the UID code generates the 26-bit Wiegand code in Mifare readers, the card scanner MUST be used to ensure the correct Wiegand code is entered in the access controller.

Scanners require ProxPlus/Mifare card scanner software – free download at


  • Read range approximately one inch.  Card touch may be required for activation
  • Reads only DK ProxPlus Secure cards.
  • Output from reader is 26-bit Wiegand format.
  • These readers offer an extremely high level of security.
  • Cards are encrypted with additional coding making them almost impossible to duplicate.
  • These card readers are not designed for stand-alone operation (see 1520-086, 1520-087 readers) and must be connected to an access controller (DKS 1830 Series systems).

ProxPlus Secure

  • 1815-684; Up to 1-inch read range
  • 1815-685; Up to 1-inch read range
    These readers will read only DoorKing ProxPlus Secure cards and output the card code in a 26-Bit wiegand format. These readers offer higher security levels and are not compatible with Mifare 4 or 7 byte UID cards

Factory Coded Cards
These cards are factory pre-coded. Card numbers may or may not be in numerical sequence.

  • 1508-252 Secure Cards
  • 1508-257 Secure Key Tags

Custom Programmed Cards
These cards include sequential coding, specific card numbers and specific start / stop numbering sequences.

  • 1508-250 Secure Cards
  • 1508-255 Secure Key Tags

Use these readers only to match to existing Mifare Classic
4 or 7 byte UID cards that are already in use. The 1815-690 card scanner is required to identify the actual Wiegand card code so that it can be entered into the access controller.

Mifare Reader

  • 1815-680; Up to 1-inch read range
  • 1815-681; Up to 1-inch read range
  • 1815-680: 12 VDC – 200mA
  • 1815-681: 12 VDC – 200mA
  • 1815-684: 12 VDC – 200mA
  • 1815-685: 12 VDC – 200mA



ProxPlus Dimensions and Weight



M Series Dimensions and Weight


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