MICROCLIK® RF Controls are designed to provide convenience and security, but do not have copy-proof encoding schemes found in the MICROPLUS®­ product line. This allows MICROCLIK Transmitter codes to be copied into the built-in Transmitters found in many luxury automobiles, however we do not guarantee this commonality or functionality.


Copy the Codes to Your Car’s Built-in Transmitters

Model 8040 Receiver
The 8040 sends the transmitter codes to a access controller (such as a DKS 1830 Series System) in wiegand format.  This receiver can also be programmed as a stand-alone device. It is also ideal for solar-powered applications as it has an extremely low power draw while in stand-by mode.

This Receiver can be programmed to receive a signal from the MICROPLUS or MICROCLIK Transmitters, which allows the homeowner to choose their
type of Remote.

Model 8057 Receiver
The 8057 Receiver is a fully programmable stand-alone receiver that can store up to 16,000 transmitter codes.  Codes can be added or deleted individually, or in block format.

The 8040 Receiver is also a low-power draw unit designed specifically for the solar application. It remains in a “sleep” mode until it receives a signal from a Transmitter, thus drawing about 1 milli-amp of power.


Provides Convenient &
Secure Gate Access
Programming via
Built-in Keypad
Compatible with HomeLink
Vehicle-Based Control System



Apartment Complexes & College Residence Halls
Commercial & Industrial
Gated Communities
Maximum Security
Mixed Use Buildings
Parking Facilities
Self Storage
Small Multi-Family Residential

Product Features





Same as the standard transmitter but also include a built-in proximity card. Over 1,000,000 transmitter codes available




Visor Clip

The optional visor clip is a handy accessory that allows you to mount your transmitter onto the sun visor in your vehicle for easy access and convenience.

Antenna Options

Directional Yagi antenna for improved range, and antenna amplifiers.


HomeLink® compatible: copy your codes to your vehicle’s built-in system.

Safety / Convenience

Provides remote operation of gates from inside your vehicle. (Range up to 75 feet)

Technical Specifications

8040 Receiver
  • Primarily used as a 26, 30 or 31-bit wiegand output receiver
  • Can be set for stand-alone operation, 100 codes maximum
  • Low power mode for solar-powered operation
  • Can be used with MICROCLIK or MICROPLUS transmitters
  • Form C relay.
  • 12-24 volt AC or DC.
8057 Receiver
  • Stand-alone receiver
  • Stores up to 16,000 MICROCLIK transmitter codes
  • Built-in programming keypad
  • Add or delete transmitters individually or in block format
  • Programmable facility codes, relay strike time, transmitter button number
  • Form C dry contact relay
  • 12-24 Volt AC or DC
  • Model 8057 receiver memory: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 16000 – choose one.
  • Transmitters: 1, 2 or 3 button.
  • PROXMTR: DK ProxPlus, DK Prox, AWID or HID proximity tags – specify which.


  • Provides remote operation of vehicular access gates from the safety and convenience of a vehicle
  • Over 1,000,000 transmitter codes available
  • PROXMTR® includes a built in proximity card with the MICROCLIK transmitter combining both RF and card access control into a single compact unit
  • Transmitters available with 1, 2 or 3 buttons
  • MICROCLIK RF controls may be used as a stand-alone access control system or can be interfaced with 26 or 31-bit wiegand controllers
  • HomeLink® compatible


  • FCC (US): LSD8059RX
  • FCC (US): LSD8068T
  • DOC (CAN): 1736 102 138



Dimensions and Weight Receivers (keypad 8057 only)



Dimensions and Weight Transmitters


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