1834 – 90 Series Entry System

The 1834 – 90 Series stores up to 3,000 phone numbers and can control two (2) access points. The 90 Series housing offers a streamlined look, has enhanced locking and weather sealing and provides easy internal installation of optional components such as a Card Reader*, LCD Heater and TCP/IP Adapter for a direct internet connection.

1834 – 90 Series Entry System

Telephone Entry & Access Control

The Model 1834 is an ideal Telephone Entry System suited for apartment and gated community applications as well as office buildings and industrial sites that have a separate Access Control System, or require Telephone Entry only. Each 1830 Series unit allows Voice and Data connection over either Cellular, VoIP, Wireless, or POTS. DKS offers easy ways to connect fast using the DKS IM Server and DKS Cellular services. The single-line LCD display features big 1/2-inch characters for easy viewing and your personalized message scrolls across the screen from right to left when the system is not in use. Our unique “One Touch” CALL button and big A and Z scroll buttons make this System one of the easiest to use on the market today. For additional security, the 1834 allows you to monitor activity AS IT HAPPENS on your computer display.  A Card Reader can be installed in the 1834 cabinet, however, the 1834 has no Card Reader input and would require that the reader be connected to a separate access control system.  To avoid this, see our model 1835 or 1837.


*While a card reader can be installed in the 1834 cabinet, the 1834 does not have a card reader input.  This card reader would need to be connected to a seperate access controller.  If an integrated card reader is desired, look at the 1835 or 1837 systems.


Communicate with
Guests via Phone
Entry System Programming via
Cloud or Windows Account Manager
One Box Style Fits
Internal Accessories



Large Multi-Family Residential
Apartment Complexes & College Residence Halls
Gated Communities
Commercial & Industrial
Self Storage
Parking Facilities
Maximum Security


DKS Easy Connect Options



AC and DC Power

DC Power Inverter & Backup Battery


Cellular Wireless


POTS Telephone Line


Cloud Account Manager

Desktop Account Manager


Product Features


DKS - Cloud Account Manager



Cloud Account Manager

Log in to the DKS Access System from any device with internet access through your preferred browser. The Cloud Account Manager enables programming and management of Entry Systems from anywhere, you’ll never have to download and upload the database, or inadvertently overwrite another administrator’s changes. It’s designed for administrators and staff of multi-unit and multi-use buildings and is compatible with DKS models 1833, 1834, 1835, 1837 Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems, and model 1838 Multi Door Card Access System.

Accessible from any browser on any internet-connected device.




3000 Names & Phone Numbers

Program multiple names and numbers per unit. • Use a mobile phone number to receive calls for entry from anywhere… and grant access.

Internal Card Reader

Can be mounted internally (card reader sold separately).

Enhanced Tamper Resistance

With dual locks and tamper alert switch. The optional hood adds even more protection.

Internal LED

lit keypad and A-Z-CALL buttons

LED Directories

Built-in single-line LCD directory display.


DKS design makes installation and service easy.

High Resolution Color Camera

can be mounted internally (sold separately, may require additional equipment)

TCP/IP Adaptor

Set up your own Internet and VoIP connections to eliminate DKS subscription services. DoorKing does not guarantee third party service connections.

Technical Specifications

  • True Full Duplex Communication.
  • Stores up to 3000 telephone numbers and names (names are limited to 15 characters max).
  • Stores up to 255 area codes.
  • Transaction buffer stores last 8000 events.
  • 8 hold open time zones.
  • 4-digit entry codes, one for each telephone number.
  • 2 form “C” dry contact relays.
  • Single-line directory display uses super-twist LCD with 1/2-inch characters.
  • EEPROM memory chip.
  • 16 VAC, 20 VA power transformer supplied.
  • FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-T
  • DOC (CAN): 1736 4528 A
  • Compliant with UL 294.   ETL listed.
  • Environmental: 10º F to 145º F (-12° C to 62° C)
  • Heater Kit (P/N 2600-584) Recommended when temperatures routinely fall below 35° F (1.6° C)
  • Optional high-resolution camera kits additional CCV equipment and cabling required

A card reader can be installed in the 1834 cabinet. However, the 1834 has no input for a card reader and this card reader would have to be connected to a separate access controller. For an integrated built-in card reader, see our 1835 or 1837 90 Series models.


The 1834 Telephone Entry System can be connected for voice and programming by any of these methods:
  • Cellular 4G-LTE service (note 1)
  • VoIP (note 2)
  • POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service (note 3)
Note 1: Requires DKS Cellular subscription and 1800-080 cellular adapter.  4G-LTE service provided by AT&T where available.
Note 2: Requires 1830-185 (manual setup) or 1830-186 (automatic setup) TCP/IP Adapter for internet connection.  1830-186 requires IM SERVER Client subscription.  VoIP requires 1815-568 VoIP adapter and subscription, or use your own provider subscription & hardware.
Note 3: Programming and voice via the telephone line and modem and phone connection at your PC, or program via your existing internet connection – using – IM Server Modem (subscription required).  DoorKing does not recommend using a POTS line for programming the telephone entry system.  DoorKing can no longer guarantee programming via POTS / modem as many phone company services and switches no longer support modem communications as these devices are considered to be obsolete.
Go to Connection Options for further details.
  • Large easy to use A and Z scroll buttons.
  • One Touch “CALL” button.
  • Built-in single-line LCD directory display.
  • Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits).
  • 10 and 11-digit dialing capability.
  • Live Streaming.
  • Live transactions.
  • 8000 event transaction buffer.
  • Database import/export capability.
  • LED Lighting illuminates keypad.
  • Built-in clock/calendar.
  • Holiday schedule.
  • Hold open time zones.
  • Built-in postal lock provision.



Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions 90 Series
  • 14.75″ (375 mm) H x 12.75″ (324 mm) W x 3.75″ (95 mm) D.

Shipping weight approximately

  • 15-20 lb (6.8-9 kg)



Optional Mounting Accessories


  •  814-185 Black/1814-180 Stainless Steel Hood Dimensions prox. 13.08 x 14.88 x 5.61 in.  323 x 378 x 142.5 mm
  • 814-200 Stainless Steel Flush Mount Kit Dimensions prox. 15.34 x 17.27 x 3.76 in.  389.63 x 377.95 x 95.5 mm




Tech Support


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