1808 Entry System

The DKS 1808 is an ideal Telephone Entry System for applications that have limited space, and can be used in residential as well as commercial applications. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone. With the small built-in directory option, this System is ideal for small, multi-resident applications.

1808 Entry System

Solid Entry Access, Safety, and Privacy

The model 1808 is a small compact telephone entry system that is loaded with features. The distinctive styling of the 1808 makes it ideal for small residential or commercial applications. And, by adding the optional built in directory, the 1808 is ideal for small multi-home gated community applications. The 1808 is available in surface mount style only. Visitors are identified by voice communication via the telephone. Access is granted by pressing “9” on your touch tone telephone, or access can be denied by simply hanging up.

The 1808 is available with or without a small, built-in directory. Contact your professional DKS system installer for more information about this and other DKS products.


Communicate with
Guests via Phone
Entry System
Programming via System
or Telephone Keypad
8 Single Day
Flash Entry Codes



Gated Communities
Mixed Use Buildings
Commercial & Industrial



Product Features



Talk To Your Guest

Communicate to visitors at a front door or gate from any telephone in the house.



Residential & Commercial Applications

The DKS 1808 is an ideal Telephone Entry System for applications that have limited space, and can be used in residential as well as commercial applications.


Advanced security and convenience with features like a built-in time clock, hold open time zones, entry code time zones, and “Flash” entry codes for temporary access.

Flash Entry Codes

Allow entry on a single day only, then automatically deactivate themselves

LED Lighting

Illuminates keypad and directory for easy night time operation.

Modular Design

Uses a modular design concept that makes installation and service easy

Technical Specifications

  • Stores up to 600 telephone numbers.
  • EEPROM Memory Chip.
  • Full duplex communication.
  • 4-digit entry codes; 1000.
  • Six, 5-digit entry codes.
  • 16 VAC, 20 VA (250 ma) power transformer provided.
  • Ringer equivalence: 0.0 A.
  • Jack type: RJ11C or W.
  • FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-0
  • DOC (CAN): 1736 4507 A
  • Complies with UL 294; ETL Listed.
  • Environmental: 10°F to 145°F (-12°C to 62°C)
  • Camera Ready: Optional CCTV camera*
    *may require additional CCTV equipment
  • Optional heater kit available for colder climates
  • Available with or without a directory – specify which.


  • Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits).
  • 16-digit dialing.
  • Special input can be programmed for relay activation or dial-out funciton
  • 5-digit entry codes for special needs.
  • LED lighting illuminates keypad and directory.
  • Built-in time clock.
  • Hold open time zones.
  • Entry code time zones.
  • “Flash” entry codes.
  • Stainless steel faceplate
  • Galvanized steel sub-plate
  • Metal keypad
  • Offset speaker holes for protection
  • Hands free voice operation (optional handset available)
  • Available with or without a directory – specify which.



Dimensions and Weight

Shipping weight approximately 15-20 Lbs (6.8-9 kg)
Surface mount dimensions: 7.375″H x 11″W x 6.375″D






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