DoorKing Cloud
Browser-Based Account Management FAQs

The DKS Cloud is a browser based management system (no software to download) that allows you to program and manage your DKS 1830 Series Access Control Systems from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) with an internet connection. Create new accounts, program security and permission levels, card and transmitter numbers, hold open time zones, holiday schedules, elevator control functions, and more.

Yes! The DKS Cloud will work with any 1830 series entry system. There are no changes or updates required for the entry system. The Cloud is not compatible with the old “4E” control boards found in the 1815 and 1817 systems.

No! The DKS Cloud is only compatible with the following connection options:

  • DKS Cellular
  • DKS VoIP Voice & Data
  • DKS Data over IP
  • DKS IM Server-modem

The DKS Cloud is NOT compatible with the following connection options:

  • Modem-to-Modem
  • RS-232 hard-wired connection
  • Network (manually configured LAN or WAN)

There are a couple steps that you need to take:

a) Log into your IM Server or DK Cellular registration and “Enable” the cloud for each system you wish to program through the Cloud
b) Go to:
c) Log in using your IM Server user id and password. The systems you activated for the cloud will be displayed.

Yes! The person that has registered the entry system for the IM Server or DK Cellular can grant permission for other “user IDs” to have access to their systems.

No. There are two ways to set up the database for systems that were moved to the Cloud:

a) If this is an existing entry system, and you have the data available from our PC software, you can upload the entire system database into the Cloud.
b) If this is a new system, you can also enter the database from the beginning in the Cloud screens.

It is important to remember that the “Cloud” is the “True Database” for your entry systems. All changes must be made in the Cloud. Any changes made at the entry system will be overwritten when you send data from the Cloud. There is not a “Receive Data” function in the Cloud.

However, you may “Receive Data” using the desktop software, version 6.5. Then you can “Export to the Cloud”. This will overwrite the database in the cloud, so make sure the information is correct and what you want to use.

Yes! The DKS Cloud is accessible through any common web browser. You do not need any app or program loaded into your computer or device.

This works best on computer displays, laptops or tablets due to the screen size. Working on a smartphone device may not be as “user friendly” due to the smaller screen sizes.

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