1808 Access Plus

The 1808 Access Plus is a versatile Programmable Telephone Entry System that provides voice communication for up to 27 residents from the main entry point to the resident via the phone network. Up to six (6) additional access points can be controlled by this system using cards, transmitters or keypads.  The system is IP addressable allowing you to program the system (Access Plus Account Manager software required – free download) directly from your PC via a LAN or internet or direct connection.  A built-in modem is also available.  With a host of advanced features (see Specs below), the 1808 Access Plus offers a big time access control system for smaller applications at an affordable price.

1808 Access Plus

Residential & Small Multi-Resident Complexes

The Access Plus line combines essential features of our most versatile solutions with the ease and accessibility of computer programming and control. Each Access Plus Series unit allows voice and data connection over either Cellular, VoIP, or POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). DKS offers easy ways to connect fast using the DKS IM Server and DKS Cellular services. With the easy to use Access Plus Account Manager programming software, you can customize the system immediately. Set up time zones, add or delete access codes, set up email notifications, and even lock or un-lock a door with the click of the mouse button.

The Model 1808 Access Plus provides voice communication from the entry point between the resident/tenant and guest.

Ideal for small apartment and condominium complexes, gated communities, college residence halls, mixed-use buildings, and businesses. The built-in directory will hold up to 12 names and is printed directly from the Access Plus Account Manager software.

DoorKing’s Access Plus Account Manager Software is a powerful, flexible and easy to use computer program that allows you to manage access control in a variety of controlled access applications.


Communicate with
Guests via Phone
Entry System Programming
via Windows AP
Account Manager
12 Number
Printed Directory



Apartment Complexes & College Residence Halls
Gated Communities
Mixed Use Buildings
Commercial & Industrial


DKS Easy Connect Options


AC and DC Power

DC Power Inverter & Backup Battery


Cellular Wireless


POTS Telephone Line


Desktop Access Plus Manager


Product Features


DKS - 1802 Access Plus Telephone Entry System



Access Plus systems for smaller applications at a much lower cost. Control two entry points for up to 27 users – easily expandable to control an additional six entry points.

DoorKing’s Access PlusAccount Manager Software is a powerful, flexible and easy to use computer program that allows you to manage access control in a variety of controlled access applications.

Create new accounts, program security and permission levels, card and transmitter numbers, hold open time zones, holiday schedules, elevator control functions, and more!



Control Two Doors or Gates

Residences and tenanted properties provide occupants with the ability to remotely control their entry points. Specifically, residents and tenants are able to control two doors or gates using their touch-tone telephones, contingent upon the establishment of voice communication with their guest. This feature provides a sophisticated and convenient means of managing access to your property while maintaining a level of security and privacy. By leveraging this functionality, you can not only ensure that your guests are granted or denied access as needed, but also do so with ease and confidence.


Comprehensive security and convenience features, including a holiday schedule, four (4) hold open time zones, scheduled unlock/lock times, email notifications, live relay control from your PC, support for 100 device codes (card, keypad, transmitter), a 500 event history buffer, 10 temporary access codes, and a built-in directory for 12 names.

Flash Entry Codes

Flash Entry Codes for temporary access. These codes deactivate automatically after single-day use, enhancing security. Whether for guests, service personnel, or deliveries, it ensures efficient, secure entry.

LED Lighting

This versatile programmable telephone entry system features LED lighting for enhanced visibility, making the keypad and directory easily visible even in low-light conditions. Efficient and secure, it’s the perfect solution for modern access control needs.

Modular Design

Modular design concept that makes installation and service easy.

Technical Specifications

  • 16 VAC, 20 VA (250 ma)
  • U.L. listed power transformer provided.
  • Ringer equivalence: 0.0 A.
  • Jack type: RJ11C or W.
  • FCC (US): DUF6VT-12874-OT-0
  • DOC (CAN): 1736 4507 A
  • Complies with UL 294; ETL Listed.
Download Access Plus Programming Software

NOTES for Access Plus download:
Use this software with Access Plus systems with circuit board 1970-010 only. (This software cannot be used to program systems with 1871-010 or 1971-010 circuit boards.)

This program will operate in Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP*, Windows Vista, Windows 7 – 8 – 10.

*This program will function with Windows XP provided that Microsoft continues their support of the XP downgrade DLL. If Microsoft discontinues their support of the downgrade DLL, we will discontinue support of Windows XP.

Access Plus Account Manager Details >

  • Environmental: 10°F to 145°F (-12°C to 62°C)
  • Camera Ready: Optional CCTV camera*
    *may require additional CCTV equipment
  • Optional heater kit available for colder climates
  • “No phone line” intercom system in conjunction with the DKS 1816 AP
  • RF 485 Card Readers, Keypads, RF Controls and Conversion Boards
  • Relay board for 26-bit devcies
  • Cellular adapter


  • Up to 27 phone numbers (23 additional with 1816 AP intercom expansion)
  • IP addressable – program from your PC via direct connection, LAN or Internet
  • Optional cellular adapter available for wireless service
  • Access Plus Account Manager software is a free download
  • Optional relay board allows use of existing 26-bit wiegand devices
  • Holiday schedule
  • Four (4) hold open time zones
  • Schedule un-lock / lock times
  • Email notifications
  • Live relay control from your PC
  • 100 device codes (card, keypad, transmitter)
  • 500 event history buffer
  • 10 temporary access codes
  • Built-in directory for 12 names
  • Stainless steel faceplate
  • Galvanized steel sub-plate
  • Metal keypad
  • Offset speaker holes for protection
  • Hands free voice operation (optional handset available)
Voice Communication
  • Provides voice communication from the entry point via the central office telephone service for up to 27 Residents/Tenants
  • Can provide voice communication from the entry point for up to 23 residents/tenants without central office phone service by using the 1816 Access Plus telephone intercom add-on module
Access Control
  • Residents/Tenants can control two (2) doors or gates via their touch-tone telephone after voice communication is established with their guest
  • Access Control devices include: Card readers, Keypads, MicroPlus RF controls
  • Up to six (6) additional Resident/Tenant entry points can be controlled via card, keypad or RF control



Dimensions and Weight

Shipping weight approximately 15-20 Lbs (6.8-9 kg)






Tech Support


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