DKS Internet Option • VoIP / Internet Integration

Voice and Data using your internet connection. Choose between voice + data (2334-080 or 2334-081), voice only (1815-578) or data only (1830-186).  Each of these products feature easy plug & play set up using the DKS Internet Options™ subscription.  Or, you may choose your own VoIP provider and adapter for voice services and use the 1830-185 TCP/IP adapter for data services.  Each of these options will require you to establish your own network conenction, setup and subscription service with the provider you choose.

DKS Internet Option • VoIP / Internet Integration


Easy Plug and Play option with DKS Internet Option™

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a general term used to describe various transmission technologies, communication protocols, and methodologies that are used to provide voice communication over an internet connection rather than a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) copper line.

DKS 1830 series PC Programmable (1833, 1834, 1835, 1837) and Access Plus series (1802AP, 1808AP, 1810AP, 1812AP)  Telephone Entry Systems  can be fitted with a TCP/IP adapter and a VoIP adapter to provide the internet connection for data transfer from the entry sytem to/from the programming PC and voice communication.  The 2334 combines a VoIP and TCP/IP adapter to simplify installation and setup.

The 1830-185 TCP/IP adapter requires manual setup, but there are no subscription fees, other than those charged by the VoIP provider.  The 2334-080 and 2334-081 VoIP/TCP/IP control box, the1830-186 TCP/IP adapter and the 1815-578 VoIP adapter are simple plug and play devices that automatically make all the required connections (IP address, Port Forwarding, etc.).  A DKS Internet Options™ subscription is required for this.

• Retrofit to existing DKS 1830 series and AP series systems
• Plug & Play setup (2334-080, 2334-081, 1830-186, 1815-578)
• Compatible with most VoIP providers
• A network connection to a router is necessary to use this connection method.  There are limitaions in how far the network cable can be run.




VoIP + Data

Provides both VoIP and data connection in a single control box. Requires DKS Internet subscription service.

Internet (VoIP) Connection (Plug & Play) 2334-080 VoIP – TCP/IP Control Box – for LAN and WAN connections


VoIP Plug and Play Adaptor

Use with DKS Data over the Internet service for voice connection, or you can use your own VoIP provider and equipment.

Internet (VoIP) Connection (Plug & Play) 1815-578 VoIP Adapter is required for voice




Technical Specifications


Internet Connection (Plug & Play)
  • Voice and Programming (wired connections)
  • DKS Internet Option™ (subscription based service)
  • Requires 1830-186 Network Adapter for data
  • Requires 1815-578 VoIP adapter for voice or use the 2334-080 for 1830 Series systems or the 2334-081 for Access Plus systems.  The 2334 combines the network adapter and the VoIP adapter into a single system to simplify installation.  IMPORTANT:  When using the 2334-080 with 1830 Series systems, the 1830 circuit board MUST be REV Z or higher.
  • These options are Plug & Play for LAN and WAN connections using the DKS Internet subscription service
Internet Connection (Manual IP Configuration)
  •  Voice and Programming (wired connections)
  • Manual setup – requires 1830-185 Network adapter
  • Manual setup required: determine Default Gateway, set your IP address, setup Port Forwarding, configure Firewall for access, order Static IP address from internet provider or setup DDNS host account
  • VoIP provider subscription service & hardware required for voice


Connection options accessories:
  • 1830-185 TCP/IP to RS232 Network Connection (manual setup)
  • 1830-186 TCP/IP to RS422 Network Connection (automatic setup – requires IM Server Client subscription
  • 1508-055 RS232 to RS422 Conversion
  • 1815-037 USB to RS232 Adapter
  • 1818-040 RS232 Connecting Cable




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