The DK Dot turns your phone (or any other device) into an access credential with no apps to download! Simply add an authorized DK Dot to the back of your device (inside the case) and it can now be used as your access credential.



The Best Access Device Is The One You Carry With You

97% of the US population carries a cellphone, which means mobile phones are the perfect solution for providing hassle-free access credentials. DKS has compressed the function of a Proximity Card into a small, simple, and economical decal that can be adhered to the back of any mobile phone, eliminating the burden of installing an app, supplying Proximity Cards or FOBs. The DK Prox DOT works on proven 125kHz proximity technology that has been trusted for years, allowing users to position their DOT-enhanced phone near the Reader and, with the proper credentials, gain instant access.  The Prox DOT is an ideal solution for general access to business and residential properties. With the DK Prox DOT the best access device is the one they already carry with them!




Factory Coded Sticker – Versatile Application

Created with a strong adhesive back, the Prox DOT can be conveniently affixed to the personal item most convenient for the user.


Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Ideal for general access to business and residential properties, the Prox DOT can be used to access secure areas via Readers installed in indoor and outdoor areas.



Easy Identification Solution

The optional Card Scanner easily enables administrators to view and identify the credentials of a DOT, which is otherwise unlabeled in order to keep security intact.


Technical Specifications


  • DK Prox DOT works on proven 125kHz proximity technology.
  • Because physical contact is not required, proximity card readers can read card data through common building materials like: concrete, brick, stone, drywall, plaster, glass, wood, plastic…in fact, through anything but metal.
  • DK Prox DOTs are maintenance free.   There are no parts to wear out or adjust.
  • Passive card technology provides an unlimited number of “card reads” with no battery to wear out.
  • DK Prox DOTs, unless they are physically abused, will last virtually forever.
  • Read ranges are not absolute and will vary depending on several factors including where the reader is mounted, the mounting surface and product application.


  • Use DK Prox DOTs with these DK Prox Readers
    • 1815-300; up to 3-inch read range.
    • 1815‐301; up to 4-inch read range.
    • 1815‐302; up to 2-inch read range.  Fits inside 1830 90 Series telephone entry systems.
    • 1815‐305; up to 12-inch read range.
    • 1815‐330; 1815‐300 reader on a surface mount enclosure.
    • 1815‐333; same as 1815‐330 but also includes a 2358‐010 Tracker expansion board
    • 1504-124; 1815‐300 mounted on surface enclosure with built in intercom substation.
  • 1812-140 Color Camera Kit (1504 Series only)




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