DKS Cellular
DKS Internet Option • VoIP / Internet Integration
Wireless Expansion 900 MHz
Power Inverter & Backup Systems
Solar Power/Control Boxes
Elevator Control Boards
Tracker Expansion Boards
1816 AP Telephone Intercom Expansion
Mounting Kits – 1800 and 1830 / 80 Series
Mounting Kits – 1830 / 90 Series
1700 Light Kits
Mounting Posts & Kiosks
Camera Kits
RF Accessories
Cards, Fobs & Tags 
AVI Windshield / Headlight / License Plate Tag
1200 Key Switch
1515 Key Pads – Solar and Smartphone Compatible
Wiegand Keypads
1500 Keypads – Access Controller or Stand-alone
Control Stations
Exit Push Buttons
Arm Options – 1601 Parking Gate
Arm Options – 1602 Parking Gate
Breakaway Parking Arms
Entrapment Protection Devices
Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm
DKS Pedestrian Protection System
1610 Warning Signs & Traffic Signal
Slide Gate Accessories
Swing Gate Accessories
Time Clocks & Surge Suppressors
Loop Detectors/ Loops
Miscellaneous Accessories
Handset Kit
Heater & Fan Kits
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