Arm Options – 1601 Parking Gate

The Doorking 1601 offers a range of arm options to choose from, such as the Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm, Breakaway Arm Option, and DKS Pedestrian Protection System, all designed to ensure safety and visibility. Additionally, you can select from Straight Arm Style or Folding Arm Style in either Left-Hand or Right-Hand Mounting, with length options ranging from 12 to 14ft.

Arm Options – 1601 Parking Gate



Straight Arm Style For open areas with open vertical clearance. Arm Kits are available for the Aluminum Octagonal, Aluminum Round, Wood, and Plastic Arms.

Folding Arm Style For low ceiling applications, Folding Arm Kits are available.



Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm feature - Traffic Control - Doorking


Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm

Light The Way For Customers To Exit Easily And Safely With Signals And Sensors.

The DKS Octagonal Lighted Signal Arm is the newest option to DoorKing’s popular 1601 Parking Gate Operator. While lowered the aluminum arm is lit with red LEDs sending a clear signal for drivers to stop. When raised the LEDs transition to green – easily alerting drivers when to pull forward.

• Night Visibility at Long Distances
• Reverse Edge Sensor
• Two Sizes for Easy Shipping



Breakaway Barrier Arms - Traffic Control - Doorking

Breakaway Arm Option

You Don’t Have To Stop Just Because They Don’t

The perfect solution to reduce maintenance costs, DoorKing’s Breakaway Hardware Kit for Model 1601 Parking Gate Operators prevents costly arm replacements by allowing the arm to swing out of the way in the event that a vehicle fails to stop. The system is easily reset by simply snapping the arm back into place.

• Once broken away, the Barrier Arm snaps easily back into place.
• Set Breakaway from either side of the cabinet.



DKS Doorking Pedestrian Protection accessory


DKS Pedestrian Protection System

Barrier Gate Safety

In today’s busy world, people often forget to pay attention to their surroundings and can inadvertently place themselves in harm’s way. DKS Parking Gate Operators offer a Pedestrian Detection & Protection System that knows when to allow the Arm to come down – or not. Protect the integrity of the parking facility and prevent those inadvertent accidents from happening. After all, you have better things to do than deal with liability problems.

• It’s Aware, Even When They’re Not



Arm Length

12 Ft. (3.6m)

Available: Plastic arms are temporarily unavailable.

Option Available: Folding Plastic Arm

14 Ft. (4.3m)

Available: Aluminum or Wood

Options Available: • Breakaway Arm Kit • Lighted Octagonal Aluminum Arm (Red/Green LEDs with Reverse Edge)

Arm Material

Aluminum Octagonal, Aluminum Round, Wood, and Plastic Arms.

Arm Mounts Left or Right

Operators are designed so that they can be mounted on either the left or right hand side of the roadway

Folding Arm Style

For low ceiling applications, folding arm kits are available for aluminum, wood, and plastic arms.

Straight Arm Style

For open areas with open vertical clearance. Arm kits are available for the aluminum octagonal, aluminum round, wood, and plastic arms.

Technical Specifications


Octagonal Aluminum Arm

P/N 1601-555 14 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-567 2-Piece 14 Ft. Arm 
P/N 1601-242
Hardware Kit or
P/N 1601-235 Hardware Kit (use with Reverse Edge) or
P/N 1601-295 Breakaway Hardware Kit
P/N 8080-080 Reverse Edge

Round Aluminum Arm

P/N 1601-516 14 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-524 14 Ft. Arm, 2-Piece or
P/N 1601-610 Folding Arm 12 Ft.
P/N 1601-242 Hardware Kit

Square Plastic Arm

P/N 1601-571 12 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-383 12 Ft. Folding Arm
P/N 1601-241 Hardware Kit


Octagonal Aluminum Arm Lighted

P/N 1601-555 14 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-567 2-Piece 14 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-812 Folding Arm 12 Ft.
P/N 1601-235 Hardware Kit or
P/N 1601-295 Breakaway Hardware Kit
P/N 8080-096 Reverse Edge with Red/Green LEDs

Round Aluminum Arm Breakaway

P/N 1601-522 14 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-528 14 Ft. Arm, 2-Piece 
P/N 1601-285 Breakaway Hardware Kit

Rectangular Wood Arm 

P/N 1601-348 14 Ft. Arm or
P/N 1601-384 12 Ft. Folding Arm Kit
P/N 1601-240 Hardware Kit





Tech Support

Quick Start Guides

Owner’s Manuals

Accessory Manuals

Easy Connect Manuals

Tech Tip Videos


DKS Doorking 1601-065-G-8-18_ES_MX_032019 installation-owners-manual
1601/1602 Parking Arm de Español
DKS Doorking 1601-366-G-5-17 Quickstart
1601 Quickstart
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-049-Rev-C Plastic Elbow Assembly
1601-049 Rev C-IPB Plastic Elbow Assembly
DKS Doorking Assy 1601-172-Rev-B Arm Plastic Assy 6ft
1601-071 IPB Plastic Arm 6ft
DKS Doorking IBP-1601-080 Rev-AB
1601-380-RevAR-IPB 1/2 HP, 115 V
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-083-Rev-G Arm Folding Plastic
1601-083 Rev G-IPB Plastic Arm Folding Kit
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-084-Rev-E Arm Folding Wood
1601-084 Rev E-IPB Wood Arm Folding Kit
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-087-Rev-P
1601-087 Rev P-IPB 1/2 HP, 230 V
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-088-Rev-P
1601-088 Rev P-IPB 1/2 HP, 230 V w/convenience open
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-089-Rev-N
1601-089 Rev N-IPB 1/2 HP, 460 V
DKS Doorking IPB 1601-090-Rev-R
1601-090 Rev R-IPB 1/2 HP, 460 V w/convenience open
DKS Doorking Assy 1601 118-Rev-B Arm Wood Folding Open End Assy
1601-118 IPB Wood Arm 14ft - Folding Open End
DKS Doorking Assy 1601-119-Rev-B Arm Wood Folding Extend Assy
1601-119 Rev B-IPB Wood Arm 14ft - Folding Extend
DKS Doorking Assy 1601-048 Rev-D
1601-148-RevD-IPB Wood Arm 14ft
DKS Doorking Assy 1601-310 Rev-C-at-45-degree
1601-310-REV C IPB Aluminum Arm Folding Kit
DKS Doorking 1601-530 Alum-Arm-w-Cover IPB Rev-B
1601-530 Rev B-IPB Aluminum Arm Round - 14ft
DKS Doorking 1601-541 Folding Arm Bracket Kit
Folding Arm Alternate Mount Kit
DKS Doorking 1473-065-H-5-19 Installation Manual
1601 / 1602 / 1603 - 1473-065 Instructions for Convenience Open Option
DKS Doorking 1601 1602 Manual Literature
1601/1602 Parking Arm
DKS Doorking Assy 1601-071-Rev-B Arm Plastic Assy 12ft
1601/1603-071-RevB-IPB Plastic Arm 12ft
1602 Single Arm Extension Kit 1602-303
DKS Doorking 1601-526-D-3-18 2-Piece_Arm
2_Piece 14-Ft Parking Arm
DKS Doorking Round-Arm Breakaway Feature
Breakaway Arm Kit - Round Arm
DKS Doorking 1601-288-B-10-21 Octagon Folding Arm Kit installation
Folding Arm Kit - Octagonal Arm
DKS Doorking 1601-266-D-4-18 Plastic Arm Folding Kit
Folding Arm Kit - Plastic Arm
DKS Doorking 1601-267-E-4-18 Wood Arm Fold Kit
Folding Arm Kit - Wood Arm
DKS Doorking 1601-536-E-10-19 Arm Pwr Harness
Rnd Alum Arm LED Pwr Kit
9409 Dual-Channel Loop Literature
Loop Detector 2-Channel 9409-010
DKS Doorking Perimeter Access Management Solution Literature
Perimeter Access Management Solution
Traffic Control Brochure
DKS Doorking 1603-265-C-8-16 Traffic Signal 115VAC
Traffic Signal 115 VAC 1603-210 (Discontinued)
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