6550 Vehicular

6550 Vehicular


Easy access design, low maintenance & quiet operation
  • Two-piece split steel housing allows easy access without having to remove the gate arm
  • Easy to adjust electronic magnetic limits eliminate old style mechanical switchesthat can wear out, break or fail
  • Unique breakaway hub design prevents gear box damage if the gate is struck
  • Steel frame for strength and durability
  • Easy to use manual release system
  •  5-Year limited warranty
Easily Adjustable

electronic magnetic limits


hub prevents gearbox damage

Steel Frame

for strength and durability

Split Case Design

for access to operator without removing gate arm

* Assumes gate to be in good condition and swinging in a level plane.
High Voltage Kit allows the operator to be powered from 208, 230, 460 or 575
source voltage. In dual gate applications, only one (1) kit is required (secondary
operator DOES NOT require a high voltage kit)



Primary reduction is provided by a pulley / belt driving a 60:1 worm gear reduction system running in a continuous oil bath
The 6550 rotates the gate 90° in approximately 12-14 seconds
Operator mechanics are mounted on a steel frame plated for corrosion resistance
Two-piece articulating arm mechanical slow-start / slow-stop function.
Mounting: operator requires a concrete mounting pad
Keyed access is provided to release arm for manual gate operation in the event of a power outage
Split steel housing simplifies installation and maintenance.
Unique breakaway hub helps to protect the gear box if the gate is rammed
Secondary operators used in bi-parting (dual) gate applications cannot be used as a stand-alone device


Reporting output provides operator data to a DKS 1833, 1835, 1837 or 1838 access control system (requires 2358 expansion board).


Adjustable electronic magnetic limits Auto-close timer (1-23 seconds)

Gate overlap feature for bi-parting (dual) gate operation

Simple connection for secondary operator in bi-parting gate systems

Built-in On / Off switch

Built-in alarm reset switch

Selectable shadow / reverse loop function

Magnetic lock power

Ports for plug-in open and reverse loop detectors.

DKS plug-in detectors only

Three 115 VAC convenience outlets for accessory transformers


Environmental: 10°F to 115°F (-12°C to 46°C)

Thermostatically controlled heater kit recommended for colder environments

Shipping weight approximately 175-225 Lbs (79.1-101.8 kg) depending on model and options selected

Operator requires monitored Type B1 and/or Type B2 entrapment protection devices.

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