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DKS Doorking Mounting Posts Kiosks accessory

Mounting Posts & Kiosks

Below you will find a variety of documents to address installation and troubleshooting questions, software availability, video tutorials, and more.

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Tech Support Downloads

NO SOFTWARE OR APPS AVAILABLE - If there are no software or apps available for your device, it means that the system is likely a standalone device that operates independently and does not require any additional software or applications to function.
This product does not currently have any Software Manuals
This product does not currently have any Quick Start Manuals
DKS Doorking 1200-066 Issued 11-19 A instructions
1200-081 Transformer Box

1200-066 Issued 11-19

How to Manuals
This product does not currently have any How to Guidelines
This product does not currently have any Accessory Manuals
This product does not currently have any Software Videos


Mounting Kiosks Cutsheet Literature
Mounting Kiosks | Literature

Rev 5-21

Mounting Post Literature
Mounting Posts & Kiosks | Brochure

Rev 2-23

Mounting Post Cutsheet Literature
Mounting Posts | Literature

Rev 5-21

3 Part Specifations
This product does not currently have any 3-Part Specifications
This product does not currently have any CAD files
3D Models
This product does not currently have any 3-D Model
This product does not currently have any IPB's files

DoorKing is a registered Continuing Education System provider for the American Institute of Architects.
DKS offers comprehensive help with System design considerations and equipment layouts. We offer assistance whether your application calls for complex Access Control Systems, or just a single door or automated vehicular gate-controlled entry point.

DKS assists Architects, Engineers, and Consulting Specifiers with CAD drawings, System planning, and 3-part specifications. We will be happy to assist with design and layout parameters for your automated Vehicular Gate and Access Control System requirements.  For assistance, please contact George M. Hendrix, Business Development Manager at 678-230-4162 or email George.

To schedule a Lunch & Learn (webinar or in-person) on Automated Vehicular Gate design guidelines that help prevent accidents and injury, and to be sure your design is in compliance with industry safety standards and International Building Codes, please contact Allen Wright, Business Development Manager at 310-489-4875 or email Allen. 

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