Easy Plug and Play option with DKS Internet Option™

Voice and Data using your internet connection. Choose between voice + data (2334-080), voice only (1815-568) or data only (1830-186).  Each of these products feature easy plug & play set up using the DKS Internet Options™ subscription.  Or, you may choose your own VoIP provider and adapter for voice services and use the 1830-185 TCP/IP adapter for data services.  Each of these options will require you to establish your own network conenction, setup and subscription service with the provider you choose.


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Plug & Play Connection Option
TCP/IP adapter along with VoIP adapter for simple setup.
VoIP Plug and Play Adaptor
Use with DKS Data over the Internet service for voice connection, or you can use your own VoIP provider and equipment.
VoIP + Data
Provides both VoIP and data connection in a single control box. Requires DKS Internet subscription service.
VoIP Connection for PC Programmable Telephone Entry Systems

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