The 90 Series housing offers a streamlined look, has enhanced locking and weather sealing and provides easy internal installation of optional components such as an LCD heater and TCP/IP adapter for direct internet conenctions.  The 1834 is still available in the origianl 80 Series (surface, flush and wall mount) housings, shown at the bottom of this page.  This systems stores up to 3000 phone numbers. Best suited for applications requiring control of a single door or gate and in applications where card readers or other expansion options are not required.

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PC Programmable
Easy to use software available as a free download.
Enhanced Tamper Resistance
With dual locks and tamper alert switch. Optional hood adds even more protection.
Longer Life
With streamlined look, locking and double weather sealing
3000 Names & Phone Numbers
Program multiple names and numbers per unit. • Use a mobile phone number to receive calls for entry from anywhere... and grant access.
High Resolution Color Camera (Optional)
can be mounted internally (sold separately, may require additional equipment).
LCD Heater (Optional)
for cold weather environments (sold separately).
TCP/IP Adapter (Optional)
Can be mounted internally (TCP/IP adapter sold separately).
Gated Communities, Apartment/College Residents Halls, Mixed Use Buildings & Commercial/Industrial

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Standard Housing - Surface Mounted
Flush Mounted (flush mount kit sold separately). P/N 1814-200
Surface Mounted with Hood (hood sold separately). P/N 1814-185
Post shown with hood sold separately P/N 1814-180