DKS 9500 series of Vehicular Slide Gate Operators are designed for use on very large and very heavy gates in maximum security applications only. These operators must never be used in applications serving the general public. These heavy duty operators use a high tensile steel alloy roller chain as the pulling medium, which is immune to slippage and the challenges of uneven terrain – and also simplifies installation. User can set the speed of the gate up to 4 ft/sec. (1.2 m/sec.), with an electronic braking option.  ALL 9500 SERIES OPERATOR ORDERS MUST BE COORDINATED THROUGH A DOORKING REGIONAL SALES MANAGER.


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Gate Tracker™
Provides Operator data to companion access controller (DKS 1833, 1835, 1837, 1838). <a href="" target="_blank">Read More ></a>
Limit Switches
Direct driven for precise gate control.
User Adjustable Variable Speed
Adjustable speed control circuit.
Large Gates
Gates up to 160 ft (48.7 m) and 25,000 lb (11,340 kg).
Slide Gate Operator - Industrial & Maximum­ Security

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9500 10-gauge Housing