Solar Powered Control Boxes and Panels

For the 6003 and 6005 Residential and 6004 Column Mount Actuators, and the 6400 In-Ground Operator. For full size Swing and Slide Gate Operator Solar options see 6524 Residential & Commercial Swing Gate Operator, and 9024 Residential & Commercial Slide Gate Operator.

Choosing the solar power option should be dependent on geographical location, number of cycles per day expected and accessories to be used.  Solar panels must be located in an area clear of obstructions and shading to allow maximum sunlight to reach the panel.  Snow, heavy fog and rain will affect solar panel performance.  Solar operation is not recommended in areas where temperatures routinely fall below freezing (32°F or 0°C).

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Solar Control Box
18 Amp/hr Single Gate Batteries
35 Amp/hr Dual Gate Batteries
Self Storage, Apartment Complex/Gated Communities, Residential, Parking, Apartment/

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10 and 20 Watt Solar Panels
4302-113 Basic Solar Control Box
4302-114 Solar Control Box 18 Amp/Hr
4302-115 Solar Control Box 35 Amp/Hr
Deluxe and Standard Control Boxes 120 VAC