DKS offers a full range of mounting posts, whether it’s for vehicular traffic or pedestrian traffic requirements. Architectural and designer style Posts are typically used with the larger Telephone Entry Systems and are available in gooseneck/offset styles for vehicular traffic or straight styles for walk-up pedestrian use. The mounting Kiosks are ideal for walk-up pedestrian applications.

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Designer Style Compartment
For accessory transformers, surge suppressors, radio receiver.
Mounting Bolt Cover
On all styles.
In-ground Option Available
Optional Light
Assembly and tower for designer style.
Baked On
Enamel finish for weather resistance.
Dual Height Option

Main Tabs

Standard 1200-045
Architectural Offset Small 1200-036
Architectural Offset 1200-037
Architectural Straight 1200-050
Standard Dual Height 1200-049
Designer Straight 1200-085
Designer Straight shown with optional 1200-087 Light Tower
Designer Offset 1200-086
Designer Offset shown with optional 1200-087 Light Tower
Kiosk 1200-160
Kiosk 1200-170
Kiosk 1200-175
Post Mount Adapter Plates