The DKS 1603 Barrier Gate Operator Automated Spike System is designed as a modular system, allowing for easy flexibility in different applications and easy installation. The 1603 Operator is designed with many advanced features and mechanically links the Spikes to the Barrier Arm. Ideal for parking lots, rental car agencies, schools, car dealerships, government agencies, or in any application where a higher degree of traffic control is preferred.

A typical system will require the 1603 Operator, a Drive Extension, Tunnel Section(s) as needed, Spike Section(s) as needed, and an end cap. A Traffic Signal and/or Warning Sign is required with this system. Contact your professional DKS system installer, or DoorKing directly, for more information on complete system requirements.

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Gate Tracker™
Provides Operator data to companion access controller (DKS 1833, 1835, 1837, 1838). <a href="" target="_blank">Read More ></a>
Drive Extension Safety Design
Flexible shaft drive keeps Spikes operable and eliminates down time from breakage.
DKS Loop Logic
It’s aware – even when they’re not.
Surface Mount
Spikes install easily without trenching and double as a speed bump.
Warning Sign and Signal Light
Sign warns drivers and Signal Light (red/green) is synchronized with the Barrier Arm.
Maximum Security, Commercial & Parking

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