The 1812 Access Plus is the top-of-the-line Access Control and Communication System for residential applications. The 1812 is PC Programmable and IP Addressable, allowing voice and data connection over either Cellular, Internet, or POTS Plain Old Telephone Service). Connect fast using the DKS plug & play options. With the easy-to-use Access Plus Account Manager Programming Software (available as a free download) you can customize the system immediately, and even program the system and receive reports via the internet. In addition to controlling a main door or gate, the system can be expanded to control up to six additional access points.


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Control From A PC
Software availabe as a free download.
Plug & Play Connection Options
Voice and/or Data via Cellular, internet, or POTS.
Additional Control
Additional access point control with keypads, card readers or RF receiver.
Voice Communication
Talk to your guest at a front door or gate from any telephone in the home.

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1812 Access Plus Surface Mount. P/N 1812-090
1812 Access Plus Surface Mount Curved. P/N 1812-096
1812 Access Plus Flush Mount. P/N 1812-092