The 1810 Access Plus is a versatile PC Programmable Telephone Entry System that provides voice communication from the entry point to the resident or tenant. With the easy-to-use Access Plus Account Manager programming software, you can customize the system immediately. The 1810 Access Plus incorporates a built-in LED lighted paper directory that can be printed directly from the Software. An additional 23 numbers can be programmed when used with the 1816 Access Plus Intercom Expansion. The 1810 is ideal for residential, multi-home, small gated community or apartment house applications.  Access Plus models do not have any programming display or electronic directory.  Display area is covered with dark plastic on this model.

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PC Programmable
Program the 1810 Access Plus from your PC.
LED Lighted Directory Display
Modular Design
Makes installation and service easy.
Apartment Complex/Gated Communities, Apartment/College Residents Halls, Mixed Use Buildings & Commercial/Industrial

Main Tabs

1810 Access Plus Surface Mount. P/N 1810-095
1810 Access Plus Flush Mount. P/N 1810-096