IM Server

Voice and Data connection between your PC and the
DKS 1830 series Telephone Entry systems


DoorKing’s IM Server and Cellular services offer the easiest ways to connect your PC to a 1830 Series entry system

• Transfer data from your PC to and from the entry system using the DKS software that is included with all DKS PC programmable systems
• Choose from several methods and options to easily connect your PC to the DKS entry system(s)
• Program online 24/7
• Connect to entry systems from multiple computers
• The DKS 1830 series includes models 1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, and 1838 Multi Door Card Access system
• The DKS IM Server and Cellular connection services are also available for the DKS 1800 Standard Telephone Entry systems, though for voice only

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IM Server and DKS Cellular plug & play (automatic setup) connection options:


• IM Server Client
for VoIP / Data Wireless Bridge
for VoIP / Internet Connection


• IM Server Modem
for Land Line Telephone Service - POTS line, cable or fiber


• IM Server Interface
for POTS - Copper Line


• DKS Cellular
for connection via AT&T 4G LTE network;
No POTS line, cable, wire, nor ethernet needed!



See Connection Options for further details.

See VoIP Integration for further details.

See DKS Cellular for further details.



Current DKS Server User LOGIN
with your User ID and Password



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Further Information

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Current DKS User Login



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