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Customizing your device is easy with all the features of DKS programming

Account Management• Data Transfer • Database Management • Event Activity Reporting

DKS Software


Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to customize your device? Look no further than DKS Software’s Easy Connect. With a wide range of features, including account management, data transfer, database management, and event activity reporting, DKS programming makes it simple to personalize your device to your specific needs.






Remote Account Manager Software (1830 Series)

• Transfer data from your PC to and from the entry system.

Use this program with DKS models 1833, 1834, 1835, and 1837 Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems, and with the model 1838 Multi Door Card Access System.

• Easily connect your PC to the entry system.

Program from anywhere with turnkey DKS connection options: IM Server Modem, IM Server Client, and DKS Cellular.

Choose a button below to download the software, or for further information

DKS Connection Options

Activate / Register Device



Account Manager Software (Access Plus Series)


• Manage multiple Access Plus systems from your PC.Computer programming and control for use with the DKS Access Plus Telephone Entry series 1802AP, 1808AP, 1810AP, 1812AP, and 1838AP.

You can create new accounts, program security and permission levels, card and transmitter numbers, hold open time zones, holiday schedules, elevator control functions, and more!

IMPORTANT!  If you have an earlier version of the Access Plus software, use the UPDATE button in that version, otherwise the existing database may not function with the new version.





Technical Specifications


Live Relay Control
Real time open with the touch of a button.

Immediate & Scheduled Data Transfers
Instant or automatic scheduled transferring and recieving of user information & event activity transactions between the software program and entry device.

Live Transactions
View transactions through the software as they happen.



Prevent multiple people from using a single card. Access Cards must enter through the IN point and exit the OUT point before being used at the IN point again.

Elevator Control
Set restrictions for elevator use, allowing residents or employees access to designated floors.




DKS Cloud Programming

Cloud Account Manager Programming

Simply log into your Cloud Account Manager through any internet browser using any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection and you’re ready to start adding residents, making changes to access credentials, view access point activity, and more.
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Cloud FAQs

1830 Series Windows Account Manager

Windows Account Manager

RAM software for 1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, 1838. Download the latest version of 6.5.a
This is just the standard Vista-and-up installer, as we’re no longer supporting XP.  It includes the new 6.5 PDF documentation.
You must back up and uninstall your existing version before installing version 6.5.

Remote Account Manager Software — Updating the Software

Access Plus Windows Account Manager

Access Plus Account Manager Software

Click link above to download AP software for
1802AP, 1808AP, 1810AP, 1812AP, 1838AP.
AP Version 1.08A

DKProxScanner Software

DKProx Card Scanner Software

Through daily use, the identifying number on the Proximity Cards may become illegible, or Access Managers will select cards without identifying numbers for higher security, and Mifare cards typically have no identifying numbers printed on them. The DKProx or ProxPlus/MiFare Card Scanner and compatible Software allows Access Managers to identify owners of lost cards, or easily identify cards that require access credential updates.

DKProxScanner Software

ProxPlus/Mifare Card Scanner Software

Click the link below to download DKProx Card Identifier Software.

Software Manual

DKS Software on MAC

Software on MAC

Cloud & Desktop Account Manager Programming & Software Brochure

Cloud & Desktop Account Manager Programming & Software | Brochure

DKS Users Manual

User’s Manual V6.3.h

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