DKS 9050 Slide Gate Operator provides durability through high-cycle usage, all in a solid design. The innovative fail-safe design of these operators significantly reduces the chance of injury or entrapment and makes these operators the safest residential Slide Gate Operator in the market today. Designed with versatility in mind, the 9050 Operators can be configured for front, center or rear drive applications and can be pad or post mounted. They are available with a metal or polypropylene (Poly) cover.  Operators with the Poly Cover include a MicroPlus RF Kit (1 TX + 1 REC).


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Fail-Safe Release
Never be locked out (or in)
Entrapment Protection
Reverses gate when obstructed.
Built-in power switch and reset switch.
Unique Design
Allows easy access to all mechanical parts.
Slide Gate Operator - Residential & Commercial

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