DKS 6400 installs in-ground, making it virtually invisible – and quiet – satisfying the most sophisticated automation needs without being detrimental to the original gate design. Invisible and powerful, the motor/drive mechanism is constructed in die-cast aluminum with a special corrosion-proof treatment, and because the drive unit is gear-driven, there is no need to worry about hydraulic leaks, check valves, or pumps. 

The in-ground, self-supporting foundation box is built from corrosion-proof steel and has a galvanized steel cover. A lockable manual release lever is designed so it can be operated from inside or outside the gate.


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Easy Access

With removable cover.

Keyed Release

For manual operation

Solar Power

Solar panel and battery options available.

Smooth Operation

Soft Start/Soft Stop provides smooth gate operation.

Electronic Control Box

AC/DC versions available.


Main Tabs

6400 Underground
Control Box - 120 VAC