A New Way To Work

The Cloud Account Manager is a browser-based programming and management system you can access on any device, anywhere. Plus - all programming is done in the Cloud, so you’ll never have to download and upload the database, or inadvertently overwrite another administrator’s changes. The Cloud Account Manager was developed for administrators and staff of large, multi-unit and multi-use buildings to easily program and manage their entry system from any device, anywhere, at any time. The Cloud makes working remotely seamless like never before.

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Ready to Make the Switch from the Desktop Account Manager?
It’s easy to start using the Cloud!

Watch the videos below to get easy step-by-step instructions to export your Desktop Account Manager Account to a Cloud Account Manager Account.

Step 1. Enable the Cloud System

This first step turns off your connection between the Desktop Remote Account Manager and your Entry System, and enables your account to be viewed on the Cloud. This action will not erase or otherwise affect the data in your desktop software at all.

To enable the Cloud, you can find the page mentioned in the video by clicking here(link is external).

Step 2. Update Your Software to the Latest Version

In order to export your existing software database to the Cloud your Desktop Remote Software must be updated to the most recent version of the software. If your software is already updated you can move on to Step 3. 

View the latest version of the software and download if needed by clicking here.

Step 3. Export and Upload Your Existing Software Database

This third step shows you how to export a database from the Desktop Remote Account Manager, and upload it to your account on the Cloud.

To access the Cloud, you can find the page mentioned in the video by clicking here(link is external).

Attention: Please follow this link when uploading your Conversion File: https://access.doorking.com The URL must begin with https:// to correctly load the page.

Step 4. Create New Cloud Account Manger Users

If you already have an account through the Desktop Remote Account Manager you can still use those login credentials with the Cloud. We suggest that every staff member programming the system have their own login account. Use these instructions to create any new usernames and passwords needed for staff, tech and others who will be using the Cloud.

Attention: To create a new user login account, you can find the page mentioned in the video by clicking here.(link is external) 

Step 5. Grant Users Access to the Cloud

If you’ve added new user accounts, or have existing user accounts from the Desktop Remote Account Manager, you’ll need to give them access to the Cloud. Use these easy steps to get them programming.

Attention: To grant Cloud access to user accounts, you can find the page mentioned in the video by clicking here(link is external).

Helpful Links for Switching to the Cloud

Enable the Cloud System for your current Desktop Remote Account Manager here: https://dksdb.dksoftware.com/UserLogin.aspx(link is external)

View the latest version of the Desktop Remote Account Manager Software and download if necessary here: https://www.doorking.com/remote-account-manager

Sign into your Cloud Account here: https://access.doorking.com

Create new Cloud Account Users here: https://dksdb.dksoftware.com/NewUserRegChoice.aspx(link is external)

Grant User Accounts access to the Cloud here: https://dksdb.dksoftware.com/UserLogin.aspx(link is external)


Compatible with DKS models 1833, 1834, 1835, and 1837 Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems, and with the model 1838 Multi Door Card Access System.


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