Please have the following information available BEFORE contacting a technician.  We cannot help you without this information.


Model number of the product you are working on.

Circuit board number.

1865-010, 4602-010, 1840-010

The serial number and revision level of the circuit board.  

(this information can be found on the small white tag on the circuit board)

Need Technical Support?

DKS Dealers & Distributors who require field trouble shooting assistance or additional technical information can contact our tech support department:

800-826-7493 (link sends e-mail)


Tech Support Staff Hours:

Monday - Friday
8am Eastern - 7pm Eastern
5am Pacific - 4pm Pacific

Will Call/Customer Service Hours:

Monday - Friday
10am Eastern - 6:30pm Eastern
7am Pacific - 3:30pm Pacific

A Word About Modem Technical Support

Programming DKS telephone entry / access control systems using modem-to-modem connections (a modem and phone line at the programming PC) is becoming difficult to maintain. Modem performance is affected by the type of telephone service at the programming PC. There are also many variable factors that can affect the modem, including the brand and model of the PC, which OS version is in use, is the modem connected directly to the PC or through a USB Hub, brand and chipset versions of the modem, modem setup strings, etc. Existing modem-to-modem connections may become unreliable as telephone service providers update their systems and infrastructure. These factors are beyond the control of DoorKing.

Beginning January 1, 2017, DoorKing will no longer offer technical support for communication failures between a PC modem and the DKS entry system. If the modem connection is found to be functional at the entry system, troubleshooting the PC modem will be the responsibility of the owner.

DoorKing has available the IM Server Modem. If the IM Server Modem is able to connect with the entry system, then this would be the suggested solution to the modem problems at the PC. The IM Server Modem simply requires an internet connection at the programming PC.

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