Versatile Access with Reliable Encryption

Since the DoorKing Card Reader outputs the card code in a 26-bit Wiegand format, they are compatible with almost any Access Control System on the market.

ProxPlus Standard: Reads Mifare cards with 4 or 7 byte UID code and DK ProxPlus secure cards.

ProxPlus Secure: Reads only DK ProxPlus secure cards.

ProxPlus Secure Applications

DoorKing ProxPlus™ Secure Card Readers are available for those applications that require a higher level of security than standard Proximity Card Readers. ProxPlus™ Secure cards provide a variety of security levels and clearances for vulnerable locations such as ports, schools, laboratories, utility facilities, airports, and more. 

ProxPlus Standard is useful for applications where Mifare cards are already in use to control other doors/gates

Designed for Functionality

No matter the limitations of your facility, DoorKing ProxPlus™ Card Readers come in two sizes to accommodate sizeable high-traffic access points and even small or awkward locations where wall space is at a premium.

Simple Card Identification without Sacrificing Security

1815-690 Compatible with Mifare cards with 4 or 7 byte UID code and DK ProxPlus secure cards.

1815-692 Compatible with DK ProxPlus Secure cards only, the DKS ProxPlus Secure Card Identifier enables administrators to view the card number of otherwise unlabeled cards, keeping security intact.

See the Card Identifier

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