DKS offers a full line of Proximity Card Readers in different mounting styles to meet your exact needs. The Readers are sealed in epoxy, making them vandal-resistant and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

AVI (or Automated Vehicle ID) Systems operate in the same manner as Proximity Card Systems, but with longer ranges - up to 25 feet. A typical AVI System places a tag on the vehicle, rather than having the user carry it. In this manner, a gate System will open automatically as the vehicle approaches with a properly credentialed tag.


Indoor Use
Indoor applications to control access to secure areas.
Small size and easily fit on key chain.
License Plate
AVI tag assures proper vehicle entry, also available as a headlight tag.
AVI (Automated Vehicle ID)
Long Range Vehicle Tag System is adjustable from 8 to 25 feet.
DKProx Card Identifier
Identify cards that have their numbers worn off.
Self-Storage, Apartment Complex/Gated Communities, Residential, Parking,

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Model 1815-330 Wall or Post Mount
Model 1815-302
Model 1815-300 Mullion Mount
Model 1815-301 Single Gang Box Mount
Model 1815-350 Long Range AVI
Access Cards
DKProx Card Indentifier