MicroPLUS® RF products provide you with the
highest level of security available. Our coding and encryption schemes are not shared with other producers (such as automobile manufacturers), resulting in Transmitter codes that cannot be duplicated or copied.

Model 8040 Receiver
This Receiver can be programmed to receive a signal from the MicroPLUS or MicroCLIK Transmitters, which allows the homeowner to choose their
type of Remote.

The 8040 Receiver is also a low-power draw unit designed specifically for the solar application. It remains in a “sleep” mode until it receives a signal from a Transmitter, thus drawing about 1 milli-amp of power.


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1-2-3-4 Button Transmitters
Operate up to four different gates from a single transmitter!
Provides remote operation of gates from inside your vehicle.
Codes Cannot Be Copied
Assures that only the original intended transmitters will activate the system.
Self-Storage, Apartment Complex/Gated Communities, Parking, Apartment/College Residents Halls, Mixed Use Buildings, Commercial/Industrial & Maximum Security

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