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Solar Tax Credit

Homeowners who purchase a solar powered gate operator manufactured by DoorKing, Inc. after December 31, 2008, may qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit off the installed cost of the system. This tax credit is available for the installed cost of the solar powered gate operator on the homeowner’s Federal tax return. 

Note:  The 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for residential and commercial solar systems will expire on December 31, 2016, after which the ITC credit drops to 10% for commercial systems and is eliminated for residential systems.

The solar powered Gate Operator is considered a "Qualified Solar Electric Property" authorized by the Internal Revenue Code Section 25D under the definition provided in paragraph d.2 and as such qualifies for the Residential Energy Efficient Tax Credit. You will need to complete Federal Form 5695 and attach it to your personal tax return in order to claim this credit. If you have any questions regarding this Federal Tax Credit, Form 5695 or its instructions, please consult your tax adviser. You should also check with your state tax agency to see if your state offers any additional solar energy tax incentives.

What is Covered:
The solar system tax credit applies to the total installed cost of the solar gate operator system. This includes the related solar panel, gate operator, solar control box, access control device, remote controls, obstruction detection device(s), etc.

DoorKing Model 6002 Swing Gate Actuator (P/N 6002‐080)* DoorKing Model 6003 Swing Gate Actuator (P/N 6003‐080)* DoorKing Model 6004 Swing Gate Operator (P/N 6004‐080)* DoorKing Model 6400 Swing Gate Operator (P/N 6400‐080)*. DKS Model 6524 Residential and Commercial Swing Gate Operator (P/N 6524-081), and DKS Model 9024 Residential and Commercial Slide Gate Operator (P/N 9024-081).
* To qualify, must be installed with 4302‐113, 4302‐114 or 4302‐115 Solar Control Box

DoorKing Basic Solar Control Box (P/N 4302‐113) DoorKing Single Gate Solar Control Box (P/N 4302‐114) DoorKing Dual Gate Solar Control Box (P/N 4302‐115)

DoorKing Solar Panel (P/N 2000‐076 or 2600‐077)

Batteries: two (2) 18 Amp Hour (P/N 1801‐004) or two (2) 35 Amp Hour (P/N 1801‐005)
Solar Kit: two (2) 18 Ah batteries, 10W solar panel and bracket (P/N 2000-070)

What is Not Covered:
The cost of the gate itself, or work required to place the physical gate into proper working order (leveling, replacing hinges, etc.).


  • The installation of a DoorKing Solar Powered Gate System
  • Effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2008
  • You will need to use The Federal Tax Credit form 5695, Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit
  • You will need to provide a copy of the "Manufacturer's Certification for Credit"
  • The dwelling must be located in the United States and used as a residence by the taxpayer
  • This offer is only available in the United States

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