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DoorKing, Inc. (also known as “DKS”) was established in 1948 and is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of Telephone and Video Entry Systems, Vehicular Gate Operators, Parking & Traffic Control products, and Access Control Systems in the United States. Based in Inglewood, California since its beginning, DKS operates from seven buildings and is located less than three miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). These buildings include our corporate headquarters, manufacturing, engineering, sales & marketing, training, warehousing, and shipping & receiving facilities. Additionally, we maintain 15 Regional Sales Manager offices located throughout the country.


DoorKing was the first company to use microprocessors and electronic magnetic limits in our Vehicular Gate and Parking Control Operator designs. Our fail-safe Entrapment Prevention System was incorporated into our Vehicular Gate Operators decades before entrapment protection became a part of the safety standard for Vehicular Gate Operators. DKS Gate Operators have long been considered the safest Vehicular Gate Operators on the market.

DKS team group

DoorKing has become a leader in the Access Control industry by offering our customers innovative products and by maintaining one of the best customer service departments in the industry. We don’t just offer products – we offer solutions – complete with system design, technical support, and training.

Before You Buy — Your Safety is Our Primary Concern

Numerous websites unaffiliated with DoorKing, Inc., now advertise DKS Gate Operators for sale. While the prices may seem attractive, there are more important factors to consider. Our concerns when buying from an unknown website vendor include some of the following issues.

  • Buying Vehicular Gate Operators from an unknown website that offers no installation means that the customer becomes responsible for the proper design, installation, and maintenance of the Gate System.
  • DoorKing does not provide warranty support to persons or companies who have purchased our products directly from unaffiliated web vendors.  Many of these web vendors do not offer warranty support or any post-sale support, often leaving the customer with only costly options.  Improperly installed Systems can void your warranty.
  • Automated Vehicular Gate Systems must be installed in accordance with the UL-325 and ASTM F2200 Safety Standards, local building codes, the IBC (International Building Codes, the IFC (International Fire Code), and the IRC (International Residential Code).  Most laypersons are unaware of, or are not familiar with, these standards and do not realize the potential hazards associated with an incorrectly designed or installed System. If an Automated Vehicular Gate System is not properly designed, installed, used, and maintained, serious injuries or death can result.
  • Automated Vehicular Gate Operators now require two forms of entrapment protection.  Failing to install these required Entrapment Protection devices will result in an unsafe Automated Gate System. External Entrapment Protection devices must be monitored by the Gate Operator. Failing to install these devices, or installing an incorrect device, will cause the Gate Operator to not function.
  • Please review our UL 325 and Gate Safety pages for more information.

Because of these reasons, and to maintain the highest level of consumer safety and customer support, DoorKing has chosen to market its products only to professional companies who are licensed to sell, install, and service Vehicular Gate Operating Systems and Access Control Equipment. DoorKing currently has a network of over 2,000 professional dealers, distributors, and representatives nationwide.

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