Long or Short Range Proximity Card Readers

DKS offers a full line of Proximity Card Readers, including DK Prox, HID and AWID - all of which are compatible with the DKS 1830 Series access controllers.

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Long Range AVI and DKS Proximity Card Readers

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AVI Long Range Readers

8- to 25-foot adjustable read range

• Includes reader control box.
• Place a tag on the vehicle, rather than having the user carry it.
• Frequency hopping technology.  
• Operates in the UHF band (902-928 MHz).
• Low visibility license plate and headlight tags assure proper vehicle identity.




Short Range Readers

3- to 12-inch read ranges

• Reads multiple types of cards and tags - a full line of standard cards, ISO graphics cards, keyfobs, and tagged transmitters (ProxMitters).
• Readers are sealed in epoxy, making them vandal-resistant, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
• Single gang box and moullion mount styles available.
• Also available mounted on surface enclosure, with or without built-in intercom substation.



Stand Alone Card Readers

Single door controllers

• Provides a full feature, single door, stand-alone card reader.
• Stores up to 1000 card codes
• The 1524 model can be programmed with a handheld programmer or with programming cards.
• Available as mullion mount or mounted on an enclosure for outdoor applications.


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