Easy Installation

The Cellular Connection Box can be quickly and easily installed on all Standard and Access Plus 1800 Series Telephone Entry Systems.




Easy Activation

It’s just as easy as activiating a cell phone – no trenches to dig, no wiring to run, no telephone lines or ethernet cables to maintain.

See how easy it is to install the Cellular Connection Box.

Wide Coverage

Once installed, the 1800 Series Entry Systems use a 4G LTE* cellular connection for voice communication, instead of the traditional copper phone line.

*Where available in the United States

PC Programable over Cellular

Additionally, the 1800 Access Plus and 1830 Series devices also use the cellular connection for programming the system from your PC.

Saves Money

The monthly fee of this upgraded, sustainable Cellular Connection is typically less than the cost of a business telephone line.

DKS Cellular plans include all taxes, fees, and charges, including long distance


Unlimited Connection Range: enables your Telephone Entry System to operate anywhere there’s cell service available

Plug and Play Installation: give it power, enable cell service, and you’re connected

Cost Effective: no long distance fees, monthly cost less expensive than a business line

Faster PC Programming: than with a traditional modem

Crystal Clear Sound: no hums or buzzes on the line

And above all: the simple DKS Cellular Connection Box let’s you keep your Telephone Entry System connected, up and running.

Immune to Power Surge from lightning strike

For Installers:

Download the Cellular Retrofit Info Sheet for your Customers

For Entry System Owners:

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