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Wireless Kit for 1812 Systems

  • Wireless Voice
  • Wireless Data
  • Wireless Video

Ideal for single family homes, the DKS wireless adapter reaches up to 1000 feet – no wires, no trenching. Complete Plug-and-Play functionality. DKS Wireless Kits work with the 1812 Access Plus model, just connect the router and phone to the wireless adapter, connect to power... and you're ready to go!

Wireless Voice - Use your telephone to answer and grant/deny access to guests and visitors at a front door or gate.
Wireless Data - Connect to your computer for full programming and access controls/tracking.
Wireless Video - Place a camera anywhere around the door/gate, and view activity from your computer, smart device, or ip addressable television.


  • Connect to a 2-line phone system, or to a separate cordless phone set.
  • Full duplex - talk simultaneously.
  • The call button from the 1812 will ring the phone, and the homeowner can speak with the visitor and grant/deny access from the handset.
  • Wireless voice communication and connects to your home computer network for programming.
  • Does not support call forward feature.


  • PC programmable.
  • Data connection to your home computer or laptop wirelessly.
  • Wireless system can also be used with DKS 1830 series with full programming capabilities (no voice on these systems).


  • An IP camera for video can be added to the wireless adapter system.
    (Will not work with DKS accessories cameras)
  • Video is transmitted over the wireless network.
  • Requires an ethernet switch at the remote location.


In the home


At the door or gate