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1820 Telephone Intercom

  • Call down simple two button feature allows for connecting directly to the doorman or concierge
  • Control access with a simple push of a button on your touch-tone telephone
  • No central office necessary - just plug a touchtone telephone into the phone jack in your apartment
  • Capacity of the system is easily expanded with additional line interface boards

The Model 1820 telephone intercom system is a unique communication and access control device that provides voice communication and control of a door (or gate) via the residents own telephone without the need of a dedicated central office (C.O.) phone line.   The 1820 has an advanced "call-down" feature that allows residents to be connected directly to a doorman, concierge or security office by simply pressing two buttons on their touch-tone telephone.   The systems caller ID feature lets the resident know if a call is coming from the lobby panel, doorman or concierge phone.   In addition, the 1820 allows each resident to control call forwarding, call waiting and do-not-disturb features directly from their own telephone.   The 1820 eliminates the need of a costly hard-wired intercom system and monthly line charges and lease payments to the phone company.    The 1820 telephone intercom system is ideal for condominium buildings, apartment buildings, college resident halls and office buildings where controlling access into the building is an essential part of your security program.

The 1820 is a component style system that consists of a lobby panel(s), main control cabinet(s) and line interface board(s).   The system is built in accordance with the number of telephone lines to be interfaced with.   Contact your professional DKS system installer for more information about this and other DKS products.


1820 Cabinets

1820 Cabinets

1820 LIB

1820 LIB

RJ71C Jack

RJ71C Jack


  • Resident call down feature.
  • Caller ID.
  • Resident activated/deactivated call waiting.
  • Resident activated/deactivated do-not-disturb.
  • Resident activated/deactivated call forwarding.
  • True full duplex communication.
  • Interfaces with all DKS telephone entry/access control systems.
  • Residents do not need central office (C.O.) telephone service to be connected to system.
  • Directory codes can be programmed to numbers of your choice.
  • No reprogramming required when residents move in or out.
  • Double ring feature identifies lobby panel call.
  • Interfaces with up to 1200 telephone lines.
  • Full duplex communication.
  • Stores up to 10 preprogrammed call out numbers.
  • Doorman telephone input.
  • Programmable directory codes.
  • 16 VAC, 50 VA power transformer (main cabinet).
  • 16 VAC, 50 VA power transformer (auxiliary cabinets).
  • Main & Auxiliary Cabinets: 35.25"H x 13.25"W x 5.0"D.
  • Garden Style Cabinets: 21.25"H x 13.25"W x 5.0"D.
  • System requires one (1) main control or garden cabinet, one (1) line interface board (LIB), one (1) connecting cable and one (1) RJ71C phone block for every 12 phone lines that the system will interface with.
Main cabinet can house up to 9 LIB's to interface with up to 108 phone lines.
Auxiliary cabiner can house up to 12 LIB's to interface with up to 144 phone lines.
Additional auxiliary cabinets can be added as needed, up to 1200 phone lines for the system.
Garden style cabinet will house up to 4 LIB's to interface with up to 48 phone lines.


1802 Vandal Resistant Lobby Panels

  • 1802-085 Front Access with Postal Provision – Requires 1802-150 frame assembly
  • 1802-086 Front Access no Postal Provision - Requires 1802-150 frame assembly
  • 1802-087 Rear Access with Postal Provision – Requires 1802-152 box assembly
  • 1802-088 Rear Access with no Postal Provision - Requires 1802-152 box assembly

1802 Lobby Panels

  • 1802-083 Surface Mount
  • 1802-084 Surface Mount with Handset

1803 Vandal Resistant Lobby Panels

  • 1803-097 Front Access no Postal Provision – Requires 1803-150 Recess Kit

1803 Lobby Panels

  • 1803-090 Surface Mount
  • 1803-091 Surface Mount with Handset
  • 1803-092 Flush Mount
  • 1803-093 Flush Mount with Handset
  • 1803-094 Flush Mount Gold Plated

1803 Lobby Panel Mounting Accessories

  • 1814-165 Flush Mount Kit Stainless
  • 1814-166 Flush Mount Kit Gold

1808 Lobby Panels

  • 1808-081 Surface Mount
  • 1808-083 Surface Mount w / Directory

1810 Lobby Panels

  • 1810-088 Surface Mount
  • 1810-090 Flush Mount
  • 1810-094 Flush Mount Gold Plated

1810 Lobby Panel Mounting Accessories

  • 1803-150 Surface Mount Recess Kit
  • 1814-165 Flush Mount Kit Stainless
  • 1814-166 Flush Mount Kit Gold

Phone Accessories

  • 1701-080 20 Name Directory
  • 1702-080 60 Name Directory
  • 1710-080 Large Directory Surface Mount
  • 1710-081 Large Directory Flush Mount
  • 1720-080 Fluorescent Light Kit
  • 1812-145 Color Camera Kit – use with 1808-081, 1808-083, 1810-090, 1810-094
  • 1812-147 Color Camera Kit – use with 1810-088