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DoorKing's 1830 Series Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems (1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, 1838) are all PC programmable systems that offer several methods of transferring data from your PC to, and from, the entry system using the Remote Account Manager Software that is included with the system.  Connecting your computer to the DKS entry systems is easy: using the telephone line, Cat-5 ethernet cable, or completely wireless.


Telephone line:
Most 1830 Series Access Controllers have a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line connected to them for voice communication (between the entry unit and resident).  This phone line can also be used for data transfer. The simplest way to connect is to use your existing internet connection at your PC and subscribe to the DKS IM-Server (this is a fee based service).  Nothing else is required.  Another method of telephone line data transfer is to connect by using a modem at your PC and a telephone line. Please visit for more information on the DKS IM Server.


Cat-5 (ethernet) cable:
Putting in a new installation? Simply run Cat-5 cable from the DKS Access Controller with a TCP/IP module (not included with the access controller) to your router.  This is a direct connection from the PC to the controller and no internet access is necessary for programming or data transfers.  Programming is available via local connection (LAN) as well as off site with a static IP and VPN.  See below for more details.


No trenching, no conduits, no cables. Data is transmitted and received using the RS-232 connection on the access controller via a wireless interface. Use the DKS 1815-140 kit to wirelessly connect the controller to your computer.  See below for more details.


DKS IM Server:
This method of connection is really a combination of using the internet connection at your PC and the POTS telephone line connected to the access controller. The advantage of this hybrid system is that there are no hardware items or additional connections needed. This is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to transfer data from your PC to the DKS Access Controller.  This is a fee based service, so please visit for more information.

The RS-232 connection on the 1830 Series controller provides for a direct connection, wired or wireless, from the controller to your PC. This connection is limited in distance for both the wired and wireless options. These connections can only be used for data transfer; there is no voice communication capability.  Using wireless data adapters allow for a wireless link for data and video between controller and the PC.

  • RS-232 requires a 6-conductor shielded cable from the access controller to the PC and is limited to 100 feet distance.  This can be increased to 4000 feet by converting the RS-232 format to an RS-422 format with the 1508-055 conversion kit (additional cost).
  • Wireless Adapters are available in sets only (P/N 1815-51x).  This is line-of-site transmission and maximum distance to expect is 1000 feet.

LAN / Internet
Connect from your PC to the access controller via a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet.  This connection can only be used for data transfer; there is no voice communication capability.  Additional hardware required for these connections includes a TCP/IP network adapter (1830-17x) and an ethernet cable connection from the access controller to the router or PC.  A direct internet connection to the access controller will also require you to set up a DDNS and static IP.  

Modem to Modem:
DKS 1830 Series Controllers have a built-in modem as a standard feature. Since the modem uses the telephone line, the telephone line connected to the system can be used for both data transfer and two-way voice communication (but not simultaneously). Using a phone line and a modem connected to your PC, you can transfer data to and from the access controller from virtually anywhere in the world where you have a POTS telephone line available to connect your modem to.

Connection options accessories:

  • 1830-175 TCP/IP to RS232 Network Connection 

  • 1830-176 TCP/IP to RS422 Network Connection 

  • 1508-055 RS232 to RS422 Conversion 

  • 1815-037 USB to RS232 Adapter 

  • 1818-040 RS232 Connecting Cable 

  • 1815-51x Wireless Data Adapters


click here to download pdf: Connection Options

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