See the Who-Where-When of Access Activity with
DKS Access Reporting

DKS Telephone Entry Systems paired with Slide or Swing Gate Operators work together to keep you informed about activities happening at the entry point such as gate obstruction, forced entry, and all the who-where-when of access events.

Simple to Install

With a simple Tracking Board installed your Slide or Swing Gate Operator can easily communicate with your Telephone Entry System to report activities such as gate opening, gate closing, gate obstruction, and forced entry. Combined with reporting on when specific users enter or exit at each access point this level of access activity reporting is unparallelled.

Robust, Useful, and Actionable Reporting

The report is viewed via the Remote Account Manager software, where owners and managers can pinpoint activities by date, time, user name, or entry point.

Whether you need to know which resident entered the property at a specific time, or want the chance to service an obstructed gate before homeowners put in a complaint, the detailed report gives you critical knowledge of your access points like never before.

Track One Gate, One Door or More

Compatible with DKS Gate Operators with Gate Tracker outputs, reporting is also available to monitor the status and activities of doors by reporting door ajar, forced door entry, sound local alarms, activate a building alarm system and request-to-exit capabilities.

DKS Tracker Expansion Boxes allow managers to individually monitor doors and gates as stand-alone entry points with specific reporting.

The following DKS Gate Operators are compatible with Gate Tracker Reporting when paired with compatible DKS 1830 SeriesTelephone Entry Systems:

DKS Gate Operator Models
1175, 6050, 6100, 6300, 6500, 6550, 6524, 9000, 9024, 9100, 9150, 9200, 9500

DKS Barrier Arm Models
1601, 1602, 1603, 1620


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