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1601 Barrier Gate

  • Automatic p.a.m.s. sequencing with slide and swing gates
  • Folding arm kits available for low headroom applications
  • Barrier arms available in aluminum/wood or plastic with optional foam padding

The 1601 operator is designed for single lane (14 ft. max) vehicular traffic control in high traffic commercial and industrial applications.   The 1601 operator is designed so that it can be mounted on either the left or right hand side of the roadway.   The operator can be equipped with a DC convenience open package (optional) that will automatically raise the arm in the event of a power outage.

Arm Options

Arm Type Max. Arm
Length (Ft.)
Style Folding
Plastic 12 2.5x2.5 in. Square Yes
Wood 14 .75x.75 in.
Aluminium 14 3 in.
Foam Padding available for Aluminium / Wood

  • Magnetic limit control.
  • Ports for plug-in loop detectors.
  • Automatic sequencing inputs for use with slide and swing gate operators.
  • Up input memory buffer.
  • Down memory option.
  • Multiple up commands.
  • Two convenience outlets.
  • 360° gear box rotation.
  • Gate tracker reporting output.
  • Programming switches.
  • Built-in power On/Off switch.
  • Left or right hand mount.
  • Wood, plastic or aluminum barrier arm (not included, order separately).
  • Barrier arm hardware kit (not included, order separately).
  • Manual Crank kit available (1601-270).
  • 1/2 HP continuous-duty motor.
  • 115, 230*, 460* VAC.   (*230 and 460 volt units use a step-down power transformer to achieve 115 volt operating voltage.)
  • 40:1 gear-box running in a continuous oil bath.
  • Arm rotates 90° in approximately 1.5 seconds.
  • Class II, III and IV applications.
  • Compliant with UL 325 and 991.   ETL Listed.   (Note: To be compliant with UL 325 and industry safety guidelines, additional secondary entrapment prevention devices may need to be installed with this gate operator.   Your professional DKS system installer can provide you with more details on these devices and on current industry safety standards.)
  • Dimensions (operator only): 15.25"W x 39.5"H x 14.75"D.
DC powered convenience open.
14-foot round aluminum arm.
14-foot wood arm.
Wood arm folding bracket for low headroom.
12-foot plastic arm.
Plastic arm folding bracket for low headroom.
Foam padding for aluminum or wood arm.
Plug-in loop detectors.
Heater kit.
Fan kit.
Surge suppressors.
Manual Crank kit.