It’s all the robust features of the classic DKS 1837 Telephone Entry System, now reimagined for enhanced efficiency. Why stock three boxes to do the same job? The 1837 box has been redesigned for maximum versatility - one box design can be hooded or not, and now accepts flush, surface or post mounting. These changes make the updated 1837 our most adaptable design yet. Even more impressive is what fits in the box - which is just about everything needed for a full-service Entry System without unsightly add-ons. Packed inside a streamlined box with enhanced double-locks and weather sealing, there’s more internal space for an LCD Heater to help withstand the elements, internal TCP/IP Adapters for quick setup, and a sleek internal card reader for a better aesthetic. Equipped with cellular connectivity, you can truly put the 1837 anywhere. It’s a new way to streamline your access control - all in one.

One Box,
Now You Can Mount It Anywhere

The 1837 box design has been re-engineered for complete versatility, now one box goes anywhere – inset it flush to the wall, attach it to the surface of the wall, or mount it up on a post. You can add a hood or keep it.

Why DKS Cellular Telephone Entry System?

Unlimited Range

Enjoy nationwide coverage using AT&T's award-winning cell service. Set up a cellular-enabled DKS Telephone Entry System even in remote locations where only cell service is available. Click here to check for AT&T coverage at your location.

Service Plans

Pay less for more, with competitive AT&T-powered DKS cell service plans you'll put an end to long distance fees and high-cost traditional POTS contracts. *Great plans start at $39.

Plug and Play

It's simple - just hook the system up to power, enable the cell service, and you're ready to go. Choose the DKS Solar Power option for completely isolated locations, no wires or trenching needed.

Turnkey Programming

Finally, a system with easy programming right from your computer. Simple DKS Data Exchange software provides user-friendly setup and programming from anywhere.

Note: cellular service is only available in the U.S. and its possessions (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, etc.)



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