Technical Support



Technical Support

For non-technical information, please visit

DKS Dealers & Distributors who require field trouble shooting assistance or additional technical information can contact our tech support department.

DoorKing Tech Support (Phone) Department

Standard Hours of Operation (Monday through Friday)
Opens at 8:00 AM Eastern Time (5:00 AM Pacific Time).
Closes at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (4:00 PM Pacific Time).

Our Will Call / Customer Service Department is open:

7:00 AM to 3:30 PM (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday.

Tech Support:  800-826-7493  Email:

Please have the following information available BEFORE contacting a technician.  We cannot help you without this information.

  • Model number of the product you are working on.
  • Circuit board number (example: 1865-010, 4602-010, 1840-010).
  • The serial number and revision level of the circuit board (this information can be found on the small white tag on the circuit board).

If you are calling to report problems with modeming to one of our PC programmable systems, it is very helpful if you have the make and model number of the modem in the computer that you are using.  This will help our technicians determine the correct modem setup strings for your particular modem.

We also recommend that you have the following test equipment on hand to help us help you.

  • A good quality VOM meter to test various voltages and continuity.
  • A telephone test set (for trouble shooting telephone entry systems).
  • A MEG-OHM meter (for trouble shooting inductive loops used with gate operator systems).

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