Access Control Solutions

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College Resident Halls/Apartments

For safety and security purposes, apartment buildings and college resident halls have a need to control access into and, in some cases, within the building.  The system must be capable of granting residents access and be able to provide communication for guest to identify themselves to the resident.

DKS telephone entry and telephone intercom systems provide both communication and access control for residents and their guest.  Our unique telephone intercom system provides direct two-way communication from a lobby directly to an apartment, whether the resident has Central Office phone service or not.  We can even provide a simple “call down” feature that enables the resident to contact a doorman, manager or security office by pressing just 2 numbers on their touch-tone phone. 

By equipping the system with our Tracker expansion boards, forced entry and door ajar alarms can be added to the system.  For high rise buildings, our elevator control module can limit residents and their guest to specific floors only – a must for the highest level of security.

Complete Solutions from One Company

Assistance with Design
Whether your design calls for a complex access control system, or even a simple single door requirement, DoorKing Sales Engineers can assist with initial design considerations and equipment layouts.  We can help design a system to meet your requirements, as well as saving you time and avoiding mistakes before they happen.

Access Control
DKS telephone entry and access control systems control all traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, into and within a secured area.  By use of coded cards or our unique ProxMTRtm (combination of RF and encoded card) wireless devices, users and administrators are assured that only authorized persons have access to secured areas.  With 31 security (permission) levels, DKS access control software lets you decide the “who, when and where” of access control. 

Vehicular Control Products
With DKS gate operators and parking control products, controlling vehicular traffic is safe, simple and the units are easily installed.  Advanced “tale-gating” logic helps to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the premise without proper credentials.  And our slide and swing operators and barrier gate systems easily interface with each other for even better traffic control.