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Parking Control

Whether you have a single parking lot or a multi-floor parking structure, DoorKing Parking Control products can help you manage traffic flow, reduce your cost and increase revenue.

For simple traffic control, our 1601 operator provides a barrier for lanes up to 14-feet wide.  Want more serious control?  Our 1603 product combines our barrier arm with automated traffic control spikes to insure traffic stops when it is supposed to!  We also provide a full line of accessories for all of our traffic control products – like warning signs, stop/go signals, heater and fan kits and more!

Fenced in?  No problem for DoorKing.  We offer a full line of slide and swing gate operators to meet your specific requirements.  Our 1150 model is designed for overhead type gates providing full gate automation in a minimum amount of space. 

If you own or manage a controlled access parking area, DoorKing access control solutions will provide you with the hardware and software you need to allow you to control the “3-W’s” of access control: who – when and where.

Complete Solutions from One Company

Assistance with Design
Whether your design calls for a complex parking control / access control system, or even a simple single lane entry / exit requirement, DoorKing Sales Engineers can assist with initial design considerations and equipment layouts.  We can help design a system to meet your requirements, as well as saving you time and avoiding mistakes before they happen.

Applicable Products
DoorKing manufactures a wide variety of products for parking control, including barrier gate, overhead gate and slide and swing gate operators along with all applicable accessory items.  Our 1603 product combines a barrier gate operator mechanically linked to a set of surface mount traffic control spikes.  This is an ideal way to insure that vehicles will stop at the revenue booth.  We also provide stand-alone traffic control spikes available in both surface and flush mount styles.  Traffic spikes are an ideal way to enforce one-way lane conditions. 

Access Control
If you require controlled entry and/or exit, DoorKing offers a complete line of access control products and software solutions.  Entries can be controlled by time and/or dates and anti-pass back features can be enabled for complete control. If you have a multi-level facility, you can even control which floor a renter has access to with our elevator control module.