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Maximum Security

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

For security sensitive areas, such as airports, military installations, industrial sites, sea ports, infrastructure facilities (chemical, electrical, water treatment plants, etc.), security starts right at the front gate.  DKS maximum security gate operators offer special features like partial open, anti-tail gating and variable speed control that will quickly open and close your gate, allowing your perimeter security gate to be opened for the shortest amount of time possible.

Control of the gate can be guard operated with a manual control station, or automated with a variety of access control devices.  DKS access system controllers allow only those persons and vehicles with the proper credentials to gain access to your facility. With 31 security (permission) levels, DKS access control software lets you decide the “who, when and where” of access control and will keep a detailed record of all events.  You can even record gate operator events like cycle count, obstruction detection, shorted inputs and more with our Gate Tracker option.

DKS gate operators and access control systems – offering seamless integration with each other and providing you with the level of perimeter security and access control that your application demands.

Complete Solutions from One Company

Assistance with Design
Whether your design calls for a complex gate and access control system, or even a simple single door or gate requirement, DoorKing Sales Engineers can assist with initial design considerations and equipment layouts.  We can help design a system to meet your requirements, as well as saving you time and avoiding mistakes before they happen.

Physical Security
Rather than rely on a friction drive rail system that can be difficult to install, can slip or be easily compromised, DKS maximum security gate operators use a high tensile steel alloy roller chain to provide a direct mechanical connection to the gate.  This provides a physical lock without the need of additional solenoids or deadbolts.  Additionally, internal limit switches cannot be tampered with from the outside of the operator housing assuring that your gate closes fully when it is supposed to.

Access Control
DKS MicroPLUS wireless transmitters use a unique coding and encryption scheme that cannot be duplicated by “code grabbers” or luxury vehicle built-in transmitting devices.  This assures that only the original RF devices assigned to the system will open your gate and that the security of the RF system is not compromised.  For applications that require a very high degree of control, DKS biometric devices offer two-stage access control (fingerprint + card) proving an extremely high degree of security.