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Commercial / Industrial

In today's world of ever increasing litigation and security concerns, it is imperative that employers do everything they can to protect their employees and guests, and to keep unauthorized persons from entering their property and gaining access to their common areas. DKS access control systems provide business owners and managers with superior products, security and safety – controlling all traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) into and within their establishment.

Access control starts right at the front gate. DKS vehicular gate operating systems allow only those persons / vehicles with the proper credentials to gain access to your private employee parking areas – automatically! The same credential (coded card, digital code, biometric, etc.) that was used to allow entry to the parking area is used to allow access into and within the building. With 31 security (permission) levels, DKS access control software lets you decide the "who, when and where" of access control. In buildings utilizing elevators, you can even restrict which floors your guest and employees are allowed access to.

DKS gate operators, access control and telephone entry systems – offering seamless integration with each other, and providing you with the level of perimeter security and access control that your application demands.

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Choose from these DKS Gate Operators to deliver the best vehicular access point for your property:

Vehicular Gate Operators for Slide Gates

Vehicular Slide Gate Operator 9100
for gates up to 30'

Vehicular Slide Gate Operator 9150
for gates up to 45'

Convenience, reliability and safe operation in a small, compact design. The innovative fail-safe design significantly reduces the chance of injury or entrapment. Along with electronic self setting limits these operators can be configured for front, center or rear drive applications.


Vehicular Slide Gate Operator 9000
for gates up to 35'

Heavy duty all purpose nice looking design for multiple applications - available in 1/2- and 1-HP.


Model 9200 Series
for maximum security gates up to 100'

Designed to operate overhead type vehicular gates mounted on jamb track or jamb type hardware. Overhead gates are typically used in underground parking applications where headroom is minimal.


Vehicular Gate Operators for Swing Gates

Ground Mount Vehicular Swing Gate Operator 6100

Ground Mount Vehicular Swing Gate Operator 6300

The unique design of these operators allows the gate arm to be attached to the bottom rail of the gate. Bottom rail gate alignment creates an aesthetically pleasing installation. Self-adjusting magnetic limits require no maintenance.


Vehicular Swing Gate Operator 6500

The unique design of this operator allows for easy access to the electronics and mechanical areas of the operator without ever having to remove the gate arm.


Pedestrian/Vehicular Gate and DoorAccess Devices

Magnetic Locks, Electric Locks, Strike and Deadbolts

The DoorKing Magnetic Lock series of magnetic locks offer a wide range of high quality electromagnetic locks (1200, 600 and 300 Lb locks) and brackets to accommodate almost any access control door or gate locking requirement. Magnetic locks have no moving parts to wear out or break and are virtually indestructible.


1500 Series Stand Alone Keypad Access Control

The DKS series of keypads provides access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired and are available for stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller.


Proximity Card Readers Access Devices Door and Gate

DoorKing carries a full line of DKS, AWID and HID proximity card readers and cards. These readers output the card data to the access controller (1833, 1835, 1837 or 1838) where the decision to grant or deny access is made.


Multi Door / Elevator Control
PC Programmable

Ideal for any application that requires access control and reporting capabilities. Complete elevator security that restricts which floor a visitor has access to after they have been granted access.


Parking Control

1601/1602 Barrier Gate Operators
For single or up to 20' lanes.

Parking control options that fit any application, with several barrier gate arm options.


1603 Barrier Gate / Auto-Spike Systems
For single gate or complex systems.

A modular system allowing for easy flexibility in different applications and easy installation. The 1603 operator is designed with many advanced features and mechanically links the spikes to the barrier arm. The surface mount spikes are easy to install and do not require any trenching or excavating. Ideal in any application where a higher degree of traffic control is preferred.


Visitor Communication Devices

1830 Series Full Capability Telephone Entry Access Control
PC Programmable

This unique intercom system allows you to use your home phone to speak with a visitor at your front gate or door and grant access without requiring an additional phone line. You even have the option of forwarding communication to a cellphone, enabling you to grant access on the go. This option is ideal for homes requiring a basic, single door or gate access control solution.


1800 Series Telephone Entry
From simple to sophisticated

DKS models 1802, 1803, and 1808 are small compact telephone entry systems that are loaded with features.


Access Plus
Computer programming and control

The Access Plus line combines essential features of DKS's most versatile solutions with the ease and accessibility of computer programming and control.