DoorKing Training Workshops & Seminars

DoorKing training workshops and seminars are open to licensed industry dealers and distributors only. These training workshops and seminars provide training to install, operate and maintain our access control and vehicular gate operating products. All of our training seminars and workshops also include updates on UL 325, ASTM F2200 and UL 294 as they apply to DoorKing products so that installers and system designers are up to date on current industry safety guidelines and requirments.  We offer both hands-on experience as well as informational courses in a variety of locations. DoorKing seminars and workshops are recognized by the IDEA and allow you to earn continuing education requirements to maintain your IDEA Certified Automatic Gate Operator Installer and Certified Automatic Gate Systems Designer certifications.

Upcoming 2-Day Hands-On Workshops (Registration Required)

This workshop includes comprehensive hands-on training on the latest DoorKing gate operators, telephone entry and access control systems and is very useful to train technicians on the emerging technologies in telecommunications, including cellular, VoIP and other wireless technologies.  This workshop begins promptly at 7:30 AM and continues to approximately 4:00 PM each day (unless otherwise noted below), so be prepared for a full day of training.  We do limit class sizes for these workshops and they do fill quickly, so register at your earliest convenience (click on a workshop below to register).  Registration fee is $25.00 per person, which includes breakfast and lunch each day.

DoorKing University 3-Days

DoorKing offers a wide range of training programs at the DoorKing Training Facility in Inglewood, CA. This 3-day workshop is a comprehensive mix of classroom and hands-on learning that provides in depth training on design, pre-installation, installation, and maintenance of DoorKing products.

By the end of day three, attendees will have built a working automated gate system with access controls. Attendees will also learn in depth Installation and wiring for telephone entry & card access systems, as well as training on the Remote Account Manager software. The training program ends with a comprehensive troubleshooting workshop. We limit these training workshops to groups of 16 people maximum, which allow us to tailor the training to meet the specific needs of the attendees.

Class Description
Who Should Attend: Hands-on training for installers and technicians
Setting: 2-1/2 days of classroom and hands-on instruction
Instructors: DKS factory specialist
Where: DKS training center, Inglewood, CA
When: Per request and as needed.  DKS University will be announced when scheduled

Course reservation is required.
Course Fees: Free- first come, first serve.

3-Day Course Agenda
Day 1 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Automated Gate Systems
Day 2 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Telephone Entry and Access Control
Day 3 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Trouble Shooting and Focus Groups

Hands-on Workshops 2-Days

This "DKU On the Road" workshop is an intensive hands on training program. These are full day sessions that focus on installation, wiring and programming, with attendees working with live equipment.
Class Description
Who Should Attend: Hands-on for installers and dealers
Setting: 2 full days - Round table stations with sets of product for each station
Instructors: DKS Regional Managers and Factory Specialists
Where: Nationwide
When: Calendar

Course registration is required.
Course Fees: $25 per person.
Please note that there are no refunds for any cancellations 72 hours or less prior to the event. Attendees receive a $100 DoorKing Coupon upon completion of the two-day seminar.

2-Day Course Agenda
Day 1 Access Control Workshop: Attendees work with an 1830 series controller, card readers and tracker boards to build a working access control system.
Day 2 Gate Operator Workshop: Work stations are set up with various DoorKing gate operator models. Attendees will wire various types of controls and accessories into the gate operator to set up a fully functional gate system.
* When the two Full Day Sessions are combined, attendees will tie their access control system from Day 1 into the gate system for a fully interactive system.


Distributor Days

These are typically a half or full day, held at the distributor's location. They are not hands on, but more informative in nature. Ordinarily the Regional Manager will use power points and handouts to focus on selected products or product groups.

Distributor Days are great ways for Dealers to keep up on new products and get valuable training for sales and technical staff. These seminars may include product demonstrations.

Class Description
Who Should Attend: Installers, sales and office personnel
Setting: Classroom style (half or full day)
Instructors: DKS Regional Sales Manager & Distributor Representatives
Where: Over 100 distributor locations nationwide
When: Calendar

Course Fees: Free - please contact your Distributor for more information.

Regional Seminars

This is a full day classroom seminar held at a Hotel meeting facility. These seminars provide information on new products as well as valuable sales and technical training on various DoorKing systems. There are various modules available for these regional seminars, including:

  • Gate Operator Service, Trouble Shooting, & Maintenance
  • Gate Operator Installation • Parking Gate and P.A.M.S. systems
  • Telephone Entry Installation
  • 1812 and 1812 AccessPLUS systems
  • 1830 Series Access Control Workshop
  • Software Programming and Networking

* Each Regional Seminar will focus on 2 or 3 of these modules as may be appropriate for the region.

Class Description
Who Should Attend: Installers, sales and office personnel
Setting: Full day - Hotel meeting room classroom style
Instructors: DKS Regional Sales Managers & Factory Specialist
Where: Over 100 distributor locations nationwide
When: Calendar

Course registration is required.
Course Fees: Free, contact your DoorKing Regional Sales Manager for information..


American Fence Association Schools

The American Fence Association (AFA) offers in residence comprehensive training courses that can help automated vehicular gate operator professionals earn their Automatic Gate Operatior Installer and Automatic Gate Systems Designer certifications through the IDEA.  Please visit the AFA University and IDEA web sites for more information.

Classes for the 2018 AFA University are scheduled for November 4-10.  Click a link below for more information.

AFA University IDEA