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Power Inverter & Backup Systems

  • Power backup to all access control system components
  • Two batteries (deep cycle) can be accommodated in the cabinet
  • Circuit breakers six 20-amp branch breakers provide protection for the external loads

DoorKing's Power Inverter and Backup systems are designed to provide backup power for your vehicular gate and access control system when primary (AC) power fails. These systems convert DC battery power to AC power to keep your system operable at all times. The Model 1000 is designed for a single gate and access control system. The model 2000 is designed for complex systems with up to six (6) gate operators.


Pad Mount

Model 2000

Post Mount

Model 1000


  • Selectable power out and power start options.
  • Selectable continuous operation mode or quick open mode.
  • Provides a modified sine-wave output suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Electronic control circuit monitors battery voltage while system is in inverter mode and commands gate operators to open when battery power reaches critical levels.
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F
  • Modified sine wave output.
  • 120 VAC output voltage.
  • Model 1000 available with 1000 or 1500 Watt Inverter.
  • Model 2000 available with 1500, 2400 or 3600 Watt Inverter.
  • Model 1000 uses 1 or 2 Maintenance Free, Rechargeable, Non-spillable, Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA), 12-Volt, 35 AH. One (1) battery is included with the 1000 Watt model; two (2) batteries are included with the 1500 watt model.
  • Model 2000 requires two (2) 12-Volt, 100 AH (or higher) Deep-cycle batteries. Batteries ARE NOT included with the model 2000.
Model 1000 Options
1000 Watt - 9.0 Amp maximum load.
1500 Watt - 12.5 Amp maximum load.
Use the 1000 watt model for a single, 1/2 HP gate operator. Use the 1500 watt model for a single 1 HP gate operator or two 1/2 HP (bi-parting gates) operators.
IMPORTANT! The model 1000 can only be used with products that use a PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motor. Do Not use the model 1000 on products that ultilize a motor with start windings as the start-up amerage draw on this type of motor exceeds the maximum output available from the model 1000 and will cause damage to the inverter. The differences in these two types of motors is difficult to recognize, so we suggest that you contact the manufacturer to determine what type of motor is used in their product.
Model 2000 Options
1500 Watt - 12.5 Amp maximum load.
2400 Watt - 20 Amp maximum load.
3600 Watt - 30 Amp maximum load.
The amount of time that the power inverter can provide backup power to the system cannot be predicted as this is determined by many factors including: the number of operators being powered, amount of usage, amperage draw, size of batteries, wire size, wire run distance, temperature, etc.