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Since 1948

About DoorKing

We Offer Solutions – not just products.

DoorKing, Inc. (we are also known as “DKS”) was established in 1948 and is one of the country's leading manufacturers of telephone entry systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products and access control systems in the United States. Based in Inglewood, California since its beginning, DKS operates from seven buildings and is located less than 3-miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). These buildings include our corporate headquarters, manufacturing, engineering, sales & marketing, training, warehousing, and shipping and receiving facilities. Additionally, we maintain 10 outside sales offices located throughout the country.

DoorKing was the first company to use microprocessors and electronic magnetic limits in their vehicular gate and parking control operator designs. Our fail-safe entrapment prevention system was incorporated into our vehicular gate operators decades before entrapment protection became a part of the safety standard for vehicular gate operators. DKS gate operators have long been considered the safest vehicular gate operators on the market.

DoorKing has become a leader in the access control industry by offering our customers innovative products and by maintaining one of the best customer service departments in the industry. We don't just offer products - we offer solutions - complete with system design, technical support and training.

Before You Buy - Your safety is our primary concern.

Numerous web sites unaffiliated with DoorKing, Inc., now advertise DKS gate operators for sale. While the prices may seem attractive, there are more important factors to consider. Our concerns when buying from an unknown web site vendor include some of these following issues.

  • Buying vehicular gate operators from an unknown web site that offers no installation means that the customer becomes responsible for the proper design, installation and maintenance of the gate system.
  • DoorKing does not provide direct warranty support to end-users who have purchased our products direct from unaffiliated web vendors.  Many of these web vendors do not offer warranty support or any post-sale support.
  • Automated vehicular gate systems must be installed in accordance with the UL-325 and ASTM F2200 Safety Standards. Most lay persons are unaware of, or are not familiar with, these standards and do not realize the potential hazards associated with an incorrectly designed or installed system. If an automated vehicular gate system is not properly designed, installed, used and maintained, serious injuries or death can result.

Because of these reasons, and to maintain the highest level of consumer safety and customer support, DoorKing has chosen to market its products only to professional companies, who are licensed to sell, install and service vehicular gate operating systems and access control equipment. DoorKing currently has a network of over 2000 professional dealers, distributors and representatives nationwide.

Industry Involvement

DoorKing is active in the industry, helping to revise safety standards, establish new standards, and promoting industry education through its active membership roles in the following trade associations.

  • American Fence Association (AFA)
  • Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA)
  • International Door Association (IDA)
  • National Apartment Association (NAA)
  • National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA)
  • National Parking Association (NPA)
  • Security Industry Association (SIA)
  • Self Storage Association (SSA)


Gate Installers

Established over 60 years ago, Doorking has long been recognized as one of the country’s leading manufacturers in security solutions. Building efficient and powerful security gate operators for our customers is one of the most important fixtures of our business: providing mechanized protection you can see. When installing a Doorking gate operator you can be sure our product will be constructed and packaged with precision, containing each piece required for set up and use. Our products for home security are built to last, ranging from powerful pedestrian to large vehicle gate operators. Easy to install with complete instructions, Doorking representatives are always available to answer questions or discuss new products and replacement parts. Our solid gate operators power swing, slide and raised gates ranging from 15 feet up to 100'. Making your job faster, our line of swing gate operators have automatic electronic limits to adjust the gate travel guaranteeing it never needs adjustments. Specializing in security blueprints, our Sales Engineers are able to analyze the property and design a specific security layout for ultimate protection. With safety as a priority, Doorking was the first company to utilize a fail-safe entrapment prevention system in our vehicular gate operators. Installing a Doorking security gate operator means working with a company you know you can stand behind. Safety, security and durability; installing a Doorking Residential Security gate operator means you’re covered.

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At Doorking, we realize putting your stamp of approval on a product puts you on the line. That’s why each product in our selection of Residential Security Solutions is created with precision and pride, ensuring your customers are secure right when they need to be. Established over 60 years ago, Doorking has long been recognized as one of the country’s leading manufacturers in security solutions and many consider our vehicular gate operator products to be the safest in the industry. Doorking prides itself on creating widely desired, high quality security products at reasonable cost, right in the USA. Provide the best in home security with Doorking gates, telephone entry and total access control systems suited for every family’s lifestyle. Offering services such as specialized security blueprints and recommended products for tailored property security, Doorking sees the job through from planning to installation, down to the first test. Experience the security of knowing with certainty you can stand by your products. Join the Doorking network of over 2000 esteemed professional dealers, distributors and representatives nationwide and sell security with confidence.

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Security Designers

Security systems are ineffective without the proper planning and layout. That’s why analyzing specific property needs is a service in which our Sales Engineers excel. Combining your expertise in proper security design with our knowledge of Doorking Security Solutions, we can create the ultimate in efficient security and protection for residential clients. Doorking offers a vast array of security products including keypad and card activated entry, communication systems and door and gate operators. Placing any combination of these security solutions in the appropriate locations is key in the defense of any home. The 1812 telephone intercom system offers features such as Full Duplex Communications and a 'do not disturb' time zone function. Doorking offers extensive recommendations for product selection and creates custom security blueprints for each unique residential configuration. Security you can count on, Doorking products represent the epitome of home safety and protection. Each product in our line of Security Solutions is manufactured in the USA using only the best materials guaranteed to resist rust, discoloration and wear. When you rely on Doorking you work with a company that will work for you. With security solutions you can count on and support you can trust, Doorking provides the best in protection, right where your client needs it most.

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